Tech Trends Shaping CX

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Welcome to our exploration of tech trends shaping CX or the customer experience in 2024! In an innovative world, we explore how customer interactions are changing. Join us as we navigate the fusion of technology and tradition, redefining standout customer experiences in this tech-savvy age.

Table of contents:

How are tech trends shaping CX?

The customer experience (CX) is undergoing a profound transformation. The integration of generative AI in marketing technology, as highlighted on, is a game-changer. Evolving technology enables businesses to achieve unprecedented personalisation, tailoring interactions to individual preferences and behaviours.

Our look at CX Trends 2024 emphasises the importance of staying ahead and examines predictions for creating exceptional customer experiences in the future. Let’s explore CX’s top tech trends to understand how companies adapt to the digital era’s demands.

What are the top tech trends shaping CX?

#1 Hyper-personalisation

Hyper-personalisation with AI and data analytics will be critical in shaping the customer experience (CX). From individualised marketing to custom product recommendations, businesses not embracing this trend will fall behind. Discover how hyper-personalisation will take centre stage in delivering memorable experiences here.

🛍️ Example: The LEGO Store personalised mosaic maker experience represents the pinnacle of hyper-personalisation, turning every visit into an exclusive adventure. You can witness the captivating journey through Bricklover Brad's YouTube video.

#2 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes beyond routine enquiries, predicting needs for proactive real-time assistance. We expect to see more advanced use of chatbots, voice assistants, and predictive analytics as a tech trend shaping customer experience (CX). Learn more about how the integration of AI is set to enhance CX here.

🤖 Example: The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is a prime example of of using innovative AI. As well as its digital voice assistant Alexa, Amazon uses predictive analytics to recommend and ship items to customers before they even consider making a purchase.

#3 Augmented and Virtual Reality

Computer World anticipates a significant year for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) in 2024, with an influx of new devices entering the market poised to boost these technologies. However, widespread adoption may still face some delays.

From virtual product try-ons to immersive shopping experiences, AR and VR are tech trends shaping customer experience at a new level. It will be integral to delivering the next-level interactions that consumers demand. Read more on this trend here.

📱 Example: Apple aims to revolutionise the consumer electronics landscape with the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro, featuring an unparalleled AR/VR interface that redefines connection, creation, and exploration.

How can I leverage CX methods to support these emerging tech trends?

Customer Journey Mapping

Navigating the intricacies of customer experience must begin with Customer Journey Mapping. Critically, it unlocks invaluable insights into online and offline touchpoints that shape the overall customer experience. However, while many businesses believe they provide a stellar customer experience, only a few of their customers feel the same.

  • Online and Offline Journey Touchpoints

In the digital age, the customer journey extends across various online and offline touchpoints, each playing a pivotal role in shaping perceptions. Identifying these touchpoints is crucial for understanding customer interactions and enhancing their journey.

  • Importance of Identifying Critical Moments

Positive touchpoints build trust and enhance the overall journey, while negative touchpoints can lead to frustration and potential customer churn. Skillful management of these touchpoints is crucial for crafting a cohesive and memorable customer journey.

Mystery Shopping

Customer Experience Reviews, or Mystery Shopping, transcend sectors, proving indispensable for businesses in professional services, automotive, retail, leisure, hospitality, and beyond.

  • Identifying Opportunities

Mystery Shopping is a strategic tool for identifying untapped opportunities within your industry. Our tailored approach reveals specific touchpoints in the customer journey where improvements can enhance customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • Benchmarking Excellence

In an ever-evolving world, benchmarking is critical to staying ahead. Mystery Shopping allows businesses to benchmark their customer experiences against industry standards, fostering continuous improvement and competitive advantage.

  • Compliance with Regulations

A robust CX strategy is essential in handling the complexities of evolving regulations. Mystery Shopping, primarily through video assessments backed by detailed reports, emerges as a vital tool for measuring, monitoring, and ensuring compliance.

We support forward-thinking automotive dealerships like Arnold Clark, Listers, and Lookers embracing mystery shopping to meet Consumer Duty regulatory demands.

🔍 In the past 12 months, we executed 23,760 Mystery Shops for 541 UK brands, providing constructive feedback to 78,520 team members. 

Instant Online Feedback

The more feedback you receive, the more empowered you become in steering your business towards success. Our instant insight solution goes beyond self-service alternatives, allowing you to analyse feedback from customers and team members at a profound level.

  1. Deep Analysis for Informed Decisions

Our instant insight solution empowers you to delve deeper into feedback, gaining valuable insights to enhance the customer experience and boost profitability—Analyse feedback on various criteria over time and benchmark against competitors within your sector.

  1. Guidance from Local CX Specialist

Backed by the support of a local insight6 CX Specialist, our solution ensures you are asking the right questions at the right time. Significantly, we can help interpret the results and offer guidance on managing behaviours and implementing necessary changes within your team.

  1. Boosting Positive Reviews

Instant online feedback refines your operations and serves as a catalyst for generating positive customer reviews. We streamline the process, publishing these reviews directly to your platform of choice, enhancing your online reputation.

We invite you to get in touch for a no-obligation chat or to request a demo of our online feedback tool’ instant insight’.

Witness how instant insight can revolutionise your approach to customer feedback.

Conclusion: Tech Trends Shaping CX in 2024

Our exploration of CX trends in 2024 reveals a transformative landscape where technology and tradition converge to redefine customer experiences. From hyper-personalisation and AI integration to the immersive potential of AR/VR, businesses must embrace these trends to stay competitive. As the landscape evolves, we invite you to explore how our solutions can shape the future of your CX strategies. Reach out for a no-obligation chat or request a demo of ‘instant insight,’ experiencing firsthand the power of insights turned into actions.

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WOW Moments in Customer Experiences

WOW moments - how to create them.

Creating ‘WOW’ moments will take your customer experience (CX) to the next level. In the fast-paced business world, exceptional customer experiences are not just a luxury – they’re essential. But what exactly are ‘WOW’ moments in customer experiences, and why should companies care about them? Here, we delve into ‘WOW’ moments and explore how you can elevate your customer interactions to leave a lasting impact.

Table of contents:

What defines a WOW moment in customer experience?

A ‘WOW’ moment is that extraordinary interaction that makes customers stop, smile, and remember. It’s when your service or product delivers above and beyond their expectations, creating a positive, memorable experience. Can you think about the moments you received exceptional service or encountered a product that exceeded your expectations? Those are ‘WOW’ moments. Let’s look at some examples:

Example #1 - Imagine walking into a local coffee shop, and the barista not only remembers your name but also knows your favourite coffee order. That personal touch is a 'WOW' moment that can turn a casual coffee drinker into a loyal, repeat customer. 
Example #2 - At an automotive dealership, a 'WOW' moment might involve a salesperson going the extra mile to explain the features of a car, arranging a customised test drive experience, or offering a complimentary first service. Such personalised attention can foster customer loyalty and referrals.
Example #3 - In the case of a law firm, a 'WOW' moment could be delivering a quicker resolution to a client's legal issue than expected or providing them with a comprehensive, plain-language guide to the legal process. Exceptional communication, empathy, and transparency can set the stage for lasting client relationships in the legal field.
In the e-commerce world, Amazon's one-click purchase option is a prime example of a 'WOW' moment. It streamlines the buying process to such an extent that customers often don't think twice before making a purchase.

Why are WOW moments important?

Simply put, these moments are more than just fleeting instances of happiness – they have tangible benefits for your business. ‘WOW’ moments can turn first-time customers into loyal advocates, boost your brand’s reputation, and drive revenue growth. Indeed, research has shown that customers who experience ‘WOW’ moments are more likely to recommend your business and return for more.

Positive experiences play a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Moreover, an astounding 90% of customers who are highly satisfied with a brand say they are highly likely to return to that brand to make more purchases (source: SMG research into CX metrics).

Furthermore, experiences have a direct impact on revenue. Brands that prioritise offering exceptional experiences to their customers witness a positive impact on their bottom line, with 84% of companies reporting increased revenue after improving their customer experiences. Additionally, customers are willing to pay a premium for these exceptional experiences, often contributing to an increase in revenue by upwards of 18% says PWC.

These statistics emphasise the concrete advantages of creating ‘WOW’ moments and underscore the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

How can I identify opportunities to ‘WOW’?

Creating ‘WOW’ moments requires a proactive approach. Start by mapping your customer journey and analysing feedback from your clients. Identifying touchpoints and pain points can lead to opportunities for ‘WOW’ moments. Additionally, engaging and empowering your employees can help them deliver exceptional service consistently.

What strategies can I use to create WOW moments?

To create ‘WOW’ moments that leave a lasting impact, businesses should consider several strategies to prioritise customer satisfaction and exceptional experiences. Likewise, it’s essential to know how your customers or clients feel about your company, the products or services you provide, and the experience they receive if you’re looking to build loyalty and drive profitability. Let’s dive into some strategies to create ‘WOW’ moments.

1. Customer Experience Reviews (CX Reviews):

Often referred to as Mystery Shopping, CX Reviews are one of the best ways to test a company’s service through the eyes of its customers or clients. While Mystery Shopping is commonly associated with those in the retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors, it’s a valuable exercise for firms in any industry keen on enhancing their customer experiences. It enables you to see your business through your customers’ perspective and uncover areas for improvement.

2. Identifying Key Touch Points:

Every customer journey has critical touch points that significantly impact their experience. For example, poor customer service at a crucial touch point can easily throw away sales opportunities. In our market study – The Professional Services Client Journey Report – we discovered numerous areas where accountancy, financial service, property, and legal firms are losing potential revenue due to subpar customer experiences.

3. Effective Customer Experience Strategy:

Implementing a successful customer experience strategy is crucial. Managing and implementing feedback is a significant part of the process. Therefore, employing the right Customer Experience partner is imperative. The process must be carefully considered, ensuring that goals are set from the outset, and reviews and feedback are managed by a skilled team.

4. The Role of Technology:

Technology solutions can streamline processes, making the customer experience more seamless and convenient. Indeed, implementing an online feedback tool to regularly and consistently ask and act on feedback offers many benefits to your business. It makes the feedback process easier and more accessible to customers, increasing their willingness to participate and provide valuable insights.

These strategies are the foundation for building exceptional customer experiences and creating ‘WOW’ moments. They help you uncover areas for improvement and enhance the overall quality of service and products your business provides. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and these strategies offer the tools and insights needed to manage and enhance your customer experience.

How can I transform the customer experience?

Transforming the customer experience isn’t a journey to embark on alone. Consequently, it requires expertise, strategy, and tools to turn insights into actionable improvements. To explore how you can make this transformation and learn more about the solutions available, visit our About insight6 page for comprehensive information on how we can assist you in enhancing your customer experiences.

How we can help you create WOW moments to transform your business

At insight6, we understand that feedback is data, not judgment. We are deeply committed to helping businesses create ‘WOW’ moments for their customers. Furthermore, our services are designed to provide you with the insights, strategies, and technology you need to unlock the full potential of your customer interactions.

From Customer Experience Reviews (CX Reviews) to advanced feedback programs, our local experts in the UK are ready to work with you to transform your business. Moreover, we believe that to build loyalty and drive profitability, it’s not enough to conduct one-off reviews.

Regular, consistent feedback and action are critical. Our online feedback tool makes it easy for your customers to share their insights, allowing you to gather in-depth information about how they feel about your services, products, and company.

WOW moments with insight6: Exploring what we do with our icx6 model.
– Our unique process for transforming your business with insight6

By partnering with insight6, you gain access to a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a deep commitment to elevating the customer experience. We’re here to help you implement effective strategies and make data-driven decisions that lead to increased customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Now that you understand ‘WOW’ moments and their importance, we invite you to get in touch for a no-obligation chat or to request a demo of our online feedback tool ‘instant insight’. Transform your customer experience with insight6 and see the results for yourself!

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Customer Journey: Understanding Touchpoints 

Customer journey mapping - Customers viewing a business on a mobile device.

Mapping the customer journey gives valuable insights into touchpoints and interactions that shape the overall experience. Many businesses believe they offer a good customer experience, but research shows that only a small percentage of these customers feel the same way. Seeing your business through the customers’ eyes is essential. Why? So, you can improve satisfaction, build loyalty, and boost profitability. Here, we explore the benefits of the mapping process in shaping remarkable experiences.

What is customer journey mapping, and why is it important? 

It is a powerful tool to learn the hidden gems of customer interactions with your business. Tracing the customer’s steps and illustrating their journey gives you invaluable insights into their trials, delights, and frustrations. Armed with this knowledge, you can proactively find areas where they may stumble and take decisive action to improve their experience. 

Personalised customer journey maps allow you to laser-focus your efforts, addressing pain points and implementing strategies to deliver a seamless experience. The result? Enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and exponential business growth. You can unlock remarkable experiences and forge lasting customer connections with customer journey mapping.

How can the mapping process benefit businesses? 

The customer experience is everything. Mapping the journey will give you insights to transform your businesses. Effective implementation based on real insight will improve the overall experience, enabling you to win new business, increase satisfaction, foster loyalty, and drive profitability. A well-crafted map should reflect the customer’s reality.

In contrast, meaningless maps hinder progress. Despite billions spent on customer experience technologies, customer satisfaction is declining, according to the latest ICS UK Customer Satisfaction Index. Getting an independent third-party review is important to avoid bias and to protect your investment.

What is involved in creating a customer journey map? 

Creating a journey map involves turning customer feedback into actionable insights. You can overcome common pitfalls and identify improvements with mapping workshops. A customer experience solution like this will enable you to visualise scenarios based on customer interactions with your business.

Customer journey mapping – a step-by-step approach:  

  • Conduct thorough research: Gather data to gain profound insights into customers’ experiences.
  • Develop detailed personas: Capture the goals, needs, pain points, and behaviours of your target audience.
  • Detail touchpoints: Find where customers interact with your business online and offline.
  • Break it down: The customer journey into stages, outlining key actions, emotions, and expectations at each step.
  • Visualise the journey: Use diagrams or infographics, aiding effective communication and understanding.
  • Analyse the map: Find pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Prioritise improvements: Base these on impact and feasibility, focusing on areas that influence the overall experience.
  • Implement targeted changes: Monitor and measure their impact and refine the map accordingly. 

Following these steps, businesses can create comprehensive and actionable customer journey maps, resulting in remarkable experiences and heightened customer satisfaction. 

How can mapping improve the overall experience? 

With a holistic view of the customer experience, companies can explore pain points and identify ways to improve the customer experience. These insights enable businesses to make informed decisions, helping them to increase efficiencies and deliver seamless interactions. Customer journey mapping is pivotal in creating remarkable experiences that exceed expectations by addressing common pain points and ensuring consistency across touchpoints. Ultimately, this leads to increased customer satisfaction, improved loyalty, and a competitive edge in the market. 

How do touchpoints affect the customer journey? 

Touchpoints play a crucial role. These interaction points, whether digital or physical, directly affect the customer’s experience and perception of a company. Positive touchpoints can create moments of delight, build trust, and strengthen the overall journey. On the other hand, negative touchpoints can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and even customer churn. By effectively managing touchpoints, businesses can create a positive and cohesive journey that leaves an impression on customers. 

What are some common customer touchpoints? 

There are several common touchpoints appear across various customer journeys. These touchpoints can occur at various stages and through various channels. Here are some examples:

  • Website: Customers visit to gather info, explore, buy, or seek support.
  • Social Media: Engage for communication, feedback, and updates.
  • Physical Stores: Browse, get help, and buy in-store.
  • Customer Service: Address enquiries and resolve via phone, email, and chat.
  • Mobile Apps: Access services, track orders, and engage loyalty via apps.
  • Email Communication: Newsletters, promos, updates, offers.
  • Online Reviews: Influence others via platform or site reviews.
  • Post-purchase Follow-up: Feedback, cross-selling, and support after purchase.

By recognising these common touchpoints, businesses can focus on optimising each interaction to give a seamless and consistent experience across various customer journeys. 

Mapping is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to see through the eyes of their customers. By gaining valuable insights into the genuine customer experience, companies can bridge the gap between their perception and reality.

At insight6, we partner with thousands of companies to transform their businesses by delivering a world-class customer experience. We bring teams together through the journey mapping process to understand what happens for your customers. Enhancing how your customers see and interact with your business will improve satisfaction, encouraging advocacy and repeat business. You work hard and spend money to find and attract new customers. Do not let the cost of unsatisfied customers affect your reputation and bottom line. Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat to see how we can transform your business. 

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