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How becoming a Customer Experience (CX) Specialist in Bristol will transform your future

There are loads of things that make Bristol great and it's not just the famous bridge or the hot air balloons.

Bristol is regularly named as the number one city in the UK to start a new business and is one of the fastest-growing cities outside of London.

insight6 has an exciting opportunity for you to own your own business in Bristol, joining our ever-growing team of Customer Experience (CX) Specialists across the UK and Ireland.

CX will become the number one business focus after the COVID19 crisis.  Those brands that have handled it well will be held up as shining beacons and thousands of businesses will aspire to replicate their success. This gives insight6 the single biggest opportunity in the past 20 years… to handhold those businesses to be the very best at CX.

Businesses that have CX at the centre of their decision-making processes are the most successful. Those that only focus on product and price are being left behind.

But where does a business go to get the "hands-on" help and support to make the transformation that is necessary to put CX at the heart of their organisation? To insight6.

insight6 has three unique points of difference:

  1. We have already worked with more than 1,000 UK and Ireland businesses, so our track record is second to none and our expertise unsurpassed
  2. We have, over the last 25 years, developed a six step CX transformation process that takes business owners and managers on a supported journey to sustainable business success;
  3. As the UK's leading CX business, we have 25 local CX experts from London to Edinburgh to Dublin, our CX Directors work with their clients to transform their CX.

Our partnership model is based on a simple franchise model with a difference. We provide a passionate, supportive, expert team environment which allows you to manage and grow your region without you feeling ‘alone.’

Typically, our CX Directors have a strong business development background coupled with senior leadership skills. All share a passion for CX and the role that it plays in creating business success. Our CX Directors are driven, energetic, work hard and are willing to step out of their comfort zone to continually grow and challenge themselves and their clients.

Building your own business is an exciting journey and with our on-going training and daily support, we do everything we can to help you succeed. Our model works because our success is intrinsically linked to your success.

If you feel ready to take a leap and would like to be part of this amazing opportunity to join our team for a new and exciting experience, please fill out your details below and we will invite you to join us for a webinar on which you can learn more about the opportunity. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you well,

Jonathan Winchester
Chief Executive

Jonathan Winchester - Insight6


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