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Sarah Ian

I have over 20 years of experience in financial services. Over this time, I have worked with 2 of the big 3 home credit businesses and used my ambition and attention to detail to lead large national teams at senior management level for a FTSE 100 organisation. My previous role has given me the chance to live and work in various parts of the UK and I have enjoyed mentoring people at all levels and across many functions.

Providing consultative advice across the branch network in my previous role is the main driver for me in setting up a business with insight6. Driving performance improvements through people is important to me and I use this approach to help businesses in my area keep moving forwards through a key focus on customer experience. I help businesses listen to their customers and evolve how they work to ensure the customer is at the forefront of business decisions and future direction. My aim is to help you increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition by ‘doing the right thing’. I will help you make strategic plans for your business and provide guidance on how to monitor and evaluate your current position in the market.

I am the guy that just has to say something if the food or service is not good enough at a restaurant I am in and I get a little upset if things are not quite how they should be on a day out! I enjoy working with people across the Black Country and Shropshire who are keen to make sure their business stands out from the rest. Speak to me and see how our industry-leading work streams and systems can get you on track to becoming a market leader in customer experience.

Ian Phillips

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