insight6 Modern Slavery Act Policy

about insight6

insight6 Ltd is a franchisor providing customer feedback services in the UK and Ireland, although we have provided services in other parts of the world too on an ad hoc basis. We specialise in improving customer service standards by providing businesses with constructive, non-emotive feedback through our customer experience programmes. 

As well as customer experience reports, insight6 provides:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Sales Training or ‘Helping People to Buy’
  • Customer and Staff Focus Groups
  • Management Team Workshops
  • Business Mentoring
  • Merchandising Training 
  • Sector Benchmarking 
  • Online Customer Feedback
  • Online Feedback Tools

As insight6 does not have a turnover of £36m or more, we do not, in law, have to make a ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement’ but as we believe it is an important issue, we have chosen to create this policy regardless.  However, whilst it will be submitted to any of our clients who ask for it as they carry out their assessment of their own supply chains, we don’t plan to publish it on our website as our ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement’ at this stage.

our teams

insight6 has 25 Customer Experience Directors (Franchisees) around the UK who locally support all our clients.  All our Customer Experience Directors go through a stringent interview and recruitment process which requires the provision of much documentation, including proof of registration with HMRC for tax purposes and for UK VAT.  

The Chief Executive and Senior Management Team personally meet every potential Franchisee several times before offering them a franchise area.  It should be noted that the Franchisee has to purchase the area at a considerable sum which avoids the risk of a ‘modern slave’ applying to purchase a franchise.

Any other staff employed are recruited either by recommendation from trusted sources or through a reputable recruitment agency.  They must provide bank details in their own name as well as a National Insurance Number along with a P45 if the job we offer them is not their first job.  

Any salaries, disbursements, expenses, fees or indeed any other form of payment for any Franchisee, employee, researcher or consultant are all paid via BACS into the individual’s own-named bank account, never cash-in-hand or in any way via a third party.

our supply chain

As a company, the insight6 supply chain is extremely limited.  We do not buy in services as we deliver all our own training and produce all our own training materials.  We have our own in-house development company which creates and maintains our specialist IT systems used to manage our service provision to our clients.

We purchase minimal amounts of ‘office supplies’ and use a reputable local supplier for any design and printing of marketing materials as and when these are required.  We have a close relationship with our designer and printing company, and have visited their premises on numerous occasions.  We are satisfied that they are a small firm with legitimate employees.  They do not have a turnover anywhere near £36m either and so are not required to make a ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement’ of their own.

If/when we re-tender for any design/print work, the proposed suppliers will be asked to satisfy us that their employees cannot be classified as ‘modern slaves’.  If they are unable do so, we will be unable to offer them the work.

risk assessment

Of all our services, Customer Experience Reviews are the area where there may be potential for ‘modern slaves’ to be encouraged to seek work by ‘owners’ but we feel this is extremely low risk and low probability.  However, we do not treat it as an impossible occurrence and have always ensured that our researchers are trained and met by a member of the team where possible.  Many of the Customer Experience Directors have regular ‘Researcher Meetings’ with their teams of researchers so they get to know them pretty well.

A victim of trafficking/modern slave is likely to have a distinct lack of freedom and researchers working for us need to be free to attend visits at sites in and around the area in which they live so we feel it is very low probability that anyone in this position would apply to become a researcher. We never pay researchers for their work into a bank account that is not in the researcher’s own name.  Nor do we pay cash-in-hand or via a third party.  


Customer Experience Directors all have a copy of this policy and are aware of the low risk, low probability that a ‘modern slave’ might apply to be one of their researchers.  Some of the most common signs of someone being a ‘modern slave’ are set out below but this is not an exhaustive list: 

  • seeming to be in debt to someone, 
  • appearing to be living in fear of someone or the authorities, 
  • having signs of physical abuse or 
  • having a lack of freedom.  

If a Customer Experience Director suspects that an applicant may be a ‘modern slave’ they know they have a duty to report this using and searching for the term ‘duty to notify’ to find the relevant forms and information; by calling the police or a charity, or by calling 0800 0121 700.