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Mel Evans

I am a motivated and determined individual with several years of experience in senior management roles, in which I have overseen many areas of business development from operational roles to business integration. I love leading teams to successfully deliver results and driving business development is very much my focus. I have a passion for delivering great standards and feel it’s important to view things through the customer's eyes in order to drive sales through service.

I currently focus on helping businesses succeed in delivering great customer service consistently, which most businesses struggle to do. My experience has taught me that the team are as important as the customer and if both are not given equal focus then neither will be happy and that will result in a business not meeting its full potential by way of sales or profit!

I have spent a whole career in management and know that individuals affect everything in a business, from the very good to the very bad and I want to help others improve their business through its people and processes. I thrive on the challenge of developing others to fulfil their potential and help businesses focus on practical solutions to improve what they do and how they do it.

So why not let me help you and your business?


Debbie Rainbow - Organisation Development Director
"At Bluestone, we take our staff welfare incredibly seriously and we know that recent months have been very challenging for everyone. We are committed to supporting our teams back to work in the best way possible. “We have asked staff how they feel prior to returning to work and used their feedback to help get ourselves prepared for our reopening. On the back of feedback, we wanted to give our teams continuing reassurance that they could raise any worries they may have quickly and effectively “We are now using the instant insight Welfare Checker to ask our staff daily how they are feeling in the workplace. This means that we are able to act on feedback provided by our teams in a swift and efficient manner. The staff safety checker is proving to be a very valuable tool, giving us quick and insightful information that can benefit all our Bluestone teams."

Debbie Rainbow - Organisation Development Director

Anthony Williams - General Manager
"Working with Mel at Insight 6 has been a pleasure since day one. The results gained from Insight 6 are extremely detailed and allow us to review, feedback and train staff to maintain and develop the high standards we know we produce.”

Anthony Williams - General Manager

Royal Mint Experience
Rebecca Rees
"Working with insight6 has undoubtedly resulted in significant improvement in our initial engagement with clients, and has enhanced the overall client experience we offer and Mel is a pleasure to work with; she is a true professional who provides invaluable support to our business with tangible results. We would highly recommend her."

Rebecca Rees

JNP Legal
Julie Griffiths
"Edwards Coaches have worked with Mel Evans at insight6 and their service was great with their professionalism, easy approach and comprehensive customer experience review program. They helped our staff focus on their customer engagement levels and in turn, this has helped the business increase sales and profitability."

Julie Griffiths

Edwards Coaches
James Boyle
"We engaged Mel to review our customer service and work with the team on developing their awareness of delivering good service. Mel is easy to work with and her combination of experience and her natural ability to train and engage with the staff made her an ideal fit for us"

James Boyle

Owner, Chepstow Garden Centre

Case Study


Zokit is a business growth platform and premier business networking membership offering businesses in South Wales opportunities to grow their SME business. 

Operated since 2013 by Neil Lloyd, founder and managing director of Zokit, it also provides numerous other benefits such as mentoring support, an approved provider business to business directory as well as the annual leading business awards.  

Working with Insight6 South Wales
Attracting, retaining and adapting to changes in the business world are fundamental in running a successful membership organisation.  

Zokit already had a CRM system to manage their membership but were keen on making sure the members were happy with the services offered, such as networking meetings, the online platform, and the business services directory. 

Neil engaged Mel Evans, insight6 Customer Experienced Director for South Wales to help implement the Instant Insights platform which is a total feedback solution that analyses feedback. 

The initial installation worked seamlessly with Zokit’s CRM system and members found it easy to complete the surveys which are distributed via email.  They also give real time results through notifications, so that Zokit can act immediately to any feedback and recommendations provided. 

Neil comments, “We have found the Instant Insights system really useful to understand what our members think of our services and have told us that they feel really valued as a result of being asked for feedback. It has also enabled us to review and improve some of our processes. For example, we altered some of our meeting format based on the feedback we received and as a result our membership rates have improved.” 

“Mel has really helped with the implementation too. It wasn’t just about buying and onboarding a system for us, it was about the service we would also receive when we needed to tailor the system for our business. I cannot say thank you enough to Mel for providing continuous help and support. It is refreshing to know that there are some businesses who don’t just help you at the start and then leave you to it after the implementation phase!” 

Summary of results 

  • Increased member retention by 25% 
  • Integrated seamlessly into CRM system 
  • Local CX specialist support 
  • No limit on support. 

Additional case studies: BALPPA and Chepstow Garden Centres.

University of South Wales
The Royal Mint Experience
Cardiff Airport
Mogers Drewett