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Bespoke Insights & Customer Journey Mapping

Our team are dedicated to ensuring your business is doing all it can to provide exceptional customer experience value. Our six stage process is dedicated to transforming the way customers interact and communicate with your brand.

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Our CX and Business Consultant in Northern Ireland

Customer Service is the missing link between any business and that of a great business.

David Anderson is our CX expert in Northern Ireland and passionately believes that inspiring local businesses across Northern Ireland to improve their customer experience is key in transforming them into being great.

insight6 benefits companies across Northern Ireland by identifying the missing link and illustrating the gains that can be made by applying a few simple processes that enhance the Customer Experience.

We have the comprehensive tools to dig that bit deeper into the customer experience and carefully instruct proven development and training plans that inform and improve every business insight6 works with across Northern Ireland.

Our CX Services

As our name suggests, we offer six unique services to ensure your business is doing everything it can to enhance its customer experience value:

Customer experience (CX) reviews

One of our CX experts will be sent to experience your service first hand. By doing this, we are able to obtain an honest and accurate assessment of your services and how customers see and react to your brand. The information we gather is analysed by our team to provide helpful feedback to further enhance your business model.

More information on our customer service training in Northern Ireland can be found on our customer experience page.

Training and development

The information and data we receive from our CX research is then used to model a training and development plan. From this, we can provide helpful and actionable advice on how to better manage your customer service in the form of workshops. In these workshops, we work together to pinpoint specific areas we can improve and acknowledge your business’ strengths to create a beneficial and inspiring workshop for your team.

For more information, please visit our training and development page.

Customer journey mapping

Our unique CX (customer experience) Reviews provide businesses with a first-hand insight into the customer experience. Through our CX reviews, we are able to analyse the experience your customers have across all areas of your brand

How it works

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” - our customer journey mapping service essentially let’s us step inside your customer’s shoes to experience their journey through every step of your business. Mapping your customers’ journey is a crucial part of understanding and identifying all stages of your customers’ journey, from their initial contact with your brand, to finalising a transaction. Analysing how they navigate your business reveals essential information on areas to improve.

Online Feedback

We use an innovative online survey tool to help monitor and understand exactly how your customers relate to your brand. From this, we can measure your customer’s experience and journey at regular intervals, and then target areas to improve.

To learn more about our online feedback section, please visit this page.

Focus & Listening Groups

One of the best ways to receive an honest and accurate reflection of your brand is to speak with your customers directly. Our focus and listening groups invite a group of customers to a pre-planned event where they are able to highlight strengths and weaknesses of your brand and how they interacted with your brand.

For more information on our focus and listening groups, please head over to our Focus and Listening Groups page.

Mentoring & Coaching

This aspect of our service focuses on changing or implementing new systems to help further enhance your CX factor. We work with key team members to identify core areas to improve through coaching and mentoring.

For more on our mentoring and coaching service, please visit this page.

Some of our clients:

The difference between User Experience (UX) and CX

Commonly confused, user experience looks at how your customers use and interact with your product through researching and analysing their customer journey. Whereas, CX analyses all communication points across your brand (such as phone calls, emails, webchat, in-store communication etc).

Our mystery shopping service in Northern Ireland

We are always looking for candidates to help conduct research for insight6 and become part of our esteemed research team. Under our guidance, you will receive a bespoke training programme and work alongside diverse clients across a range of sectors. For more information on becoming a mystery shopper in Northern Ireland, please contact our team today.

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