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At insight6, our services are tailored to improve your bottom line and our job is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to ensure your business is performing at its peak potential. We specialise in strategic management and structuring bespoke CX solutions to place you at the forefront of your industry.

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Our CX and Business Consultant in Wales

Mel Evans is a motivated and determined individual with several years of experience in senior management roles. She has overseen many areas of business development from operational roles to business integration and loves leading teams to successfully deliver results. She has a passion for delivering great standards and feels it’s important to view things through the customer's eyes in order to drive sales through service.

Mel is currently focused on helping businesses succeed in delivering great customer service consistently, which most businesses struggle to do. Her experience has taught her that the team are as important as the customer and if both are not given equal focus then neither will be happy and that will result in a business not meeting its full potential by way of sales or profit!

Our CX Services

We provide six services to enhance and streamline the customer experience (CX) side of your business:

Customer experience (CX) reviews

The process:

This part of our service involves one of our researchers being sent to experience and review your business first-hand. When a review is completed, you will be given comprehensive feedback to help further develop your business. Our research team works closely with our CX directors to offer an unrivalled service.

You can learn more about our CX review system by visiting our customer experience page. More information on our customer service training in Wales can be found on our customer experience page.

Training and development

The process:

Our CXDs boast a wealth of experience in the industry and provide tailored training groups dedicated to identifying areas of your business that require improvement. These training and development groups are structured to meet your strategic objectives while being engaging and fun to take part in.

To get a better idea of our training and development process in Wales, head over to our training and development page.

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping helps us understand what it’s like to be one of your customers and experience your service from their point of view. We take a look at every stage of your customers’ journey and identify key areas we can improve together. Knowing how your customers interact across each stage of their journey is essential to creating a comprehensive customer experience journey. We look analyse every interaction they make, from their first contact with your brand to their final buying stage.

The full details of our training and development system can be found here.

Online Feedback

We use an innovative online survey tool to monitor and assess how your customers feel about your brand. This can be done at any time via our FeedbackDirect system, which offers real-time feedback on how your customers are feeling through each stage of their journey. By using our FeedbackDirect system, we are able to identify any problems early on and fix them before their journey ends.

To learn more about our FeedbackDirect system and how it works, please visit our online feedback page.

Focus & Listening Groups

Our focus and listening groups provide an integral and personal insight into how your customers interact with your brand. These focus sessions invite customers to offer their feedback and experience of your service to highlight areas to improve and other points of interest.

Through their feedback, you will gain an accurate view of how they interacted with your brand and any problems they encountered through their journey. Speak directly with your customers will always be hugely beneficial, our focus groups and listening sessions offer exactly that.

For more information on our focus groups, please head over to our focus and listening groups page.

Mentoring & Coaching

Our CXD’s provide insightful and thought-provoking sessions that help you set and achieve goals that will help transform your business. Each session is tailored to enhancing every aspect of your business and with teams positioned throughout the UK, we are able to reach you, wherever you are.

To learn more about how we can transform your business, please visit our mentoring and coaching page.

Some of our clients:

The difference between User Experience (UX) and CX

Simply put, customer experience is the journey your customers will have with your brand, whereas customer service looks at providing assistance and advice throughout their journey (both before and after they use/buy your service). For the full scoop on customer and user experience, read our article here.

Our mystery shopper service in Wales

Becoming a mystery shopper in Wales is made easy with insight6. Our experienced team will provide you with fantastic training programmes and training from our CX experts. To learn more about how to join our research team and be a part of our growing community, please get in touch with our team.

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