We understand the challenges facing Town Centres.

Your location is "a brand" and the experience that it expresses and delivers ensures its longer term security. As the customer requires more of an experience, that is far better than visiting alternatives, locations need to be able to measure and work with the town's business leaders to make their location world class. This is where we can help.

Over the past 12 years we have worked with numerous Town Centres, BIDS or Councils in order to improve the experience on the High Street to ratepayers and retailers alike.  We have…

  • Mystery shopped whole towns and cities to provide feedback to each business individually as well as to the Town and BID management. This has included one to one feedback sessions with the business owners to help them action plan any improvements
  • Presented at Customer Experience Award Ceremonies to reward and motivate businesses
  • Delivered customer experience and sales training
  • Introduce survey tools for the town, BID or council management to receive regular feedback from the businesses in order to identify required improvements
  • Presented at Customer Experience Award Ceremonies to reward and motivate businesses
  • Delivered Customer Experience and Sales Training to teams from the businesses
  • Ran in-depth projects with management to identify improvements to the customers journey when customers visit
  • Facilitated journey mapping sessions with management and their teams to improve the communication process with businesses and ratepayers.

If you feel we can help you, please do get in touch.

Six Reasons to choose insight6 to improve your Customer Experience

We are extremely familiar with the sectors that we work in and our Customer Experience Directors have fantastic local knowledge within their regions. As a result, you will receive the best knowledge, support and information allowing you to benchmark yourself against other businesses within your industry and area.

  1. Our Customer Experience Directors are local to you and on hand to partner your journey of CX transformation.
  2. Our Customer reviews, survey tools and on-line feedback products are world class.
  3. All of your CX measurement is tailored for your business to ensure the results are 100% relevant and actionable.
  4. Our CX Directors can coach and mentor your teams to improve performance.
  5. Our benchmarking and customer mapping tools are second to none.
  6. When you work with Insight6 Transformation comes as Standard.

BID Manager
Bedford BID


“Our role is to encourage people to visit the town centre, particularly those from the 1,000s of new houses and estates within the Borough, but businesses have to make sure the customers want to keep coming back. Great customer service is what counts. The insight6 project was a huge success for us, and we have had great feedback from all of the businesses involved, who have thanked us for the value the project has added to their business.”

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BID manager Find Your Fleet


“Rhian is a pleasure to work with, he contributes new ideas and innovation to businesses. I have worked with Rhian for over a year now and both his services and expertise are exceptional, I highly recommend to anyone seeking insight into their customer service and how they could develop further.”

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Bath BID


“I would definitely recommend this service to any business that wants insight into their own and their staff’s customer service skills.”

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