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“Our team found insight6 easy to work with and were challenged to think about their actions as a result of the feedback rather than being lectured which they, in turn, responded well to.” .

James Boyle, Owner, Chepstow Garden Centre

Customer Online Feedback

We are constantly conducting team temperature and customer engagement surveys which allow you to identify issues within your business that can be resolved. When these surveys are conducted regularly on your business it provides you with an excellent benchmark to track your progress and show the improvements that have been made to the business. Our FeedbackDirect system also offers real time feedback throughout the journey which can all be found in one place on the CX Portal.

Customer Online Feedback at a glance.

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At insight6, we understand your business.

FeedbackDirect allows you to track how your team are feeling at every stage of the journey which allows you to take real action to motivate your team. The online service is tailored specifically to you and your business, giving you the best value with a bespoke solution. Because feedback can be identified in real time and linked to one of your team members, this is a fantastic way to recognise great performance and to improve the motivation of your team. The real time feedback also allows you to identify problems at an early stage, rather than finding out something went wrong at the end. This gives you the time to correct the fault so you can turn the situation around, ensuring the customer remains happy.