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How to generate positive customer reviews online

By Joe Betts | 18th May 2022 | 0 Comments

When we talk about positive customer reviews, we are talking about a positive customer experience or CX. People trust online reviews so they should be part of your marketing strategy. If you want to compete online then customer reviews are essential. Positive customer reviews are the end goal, but negative feedback also provides an opportunity … Read more

How car dealerships can damage CX in the pursuit of feedback.

By Indy Marcroft | 29th March 2022 | 0 Comments

Measuring Customer Feedback¬† Many dealerships are aligned with the notion that customer feedback is an essential way of measuring success, but it isn’t always a true reflection of the customer experience (CX). ¬† Customer feedback can be obtained by telemarketers – usually, an outsourced personal calling on behalf of the dealership, face-to-face surveys, or via … Read more