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2022: The Year of Customer Experience (CX)

By Michelle Rust, CX DIrector South Yorkshire & Lincolnshire | 20th January 2022 | 0 Comments

As we start the year with a cautious, but more positive outlook on the pandemic than in January 2021, businesses can start to contemplate a world beyond mass restrictions, lockdowns, and purely virtual interactions. But what will this look like? Will we slot back into pre-pandemic ways? Or has the landscape changed forever?  One thing … Read more

Why Customer Experience (CX) monitoring should be at the top of every Franchisor’s to do list in January

By Jonathan Winchester, Chief Executive | 22nd December 2021 | 0 Comments

CX is arguably the biggest differentiator, or battleground, between businesses right now. Every business needs a well-considered and executed customer experience strategy, to deliver more business, repeat business and a positive brand reputation. But when it comes to the franchise sector, it’s vital to not only implement, but continuously monitor your CX strategy.  You’re only … Read more