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Your customers and employees are the cornerstone of your business. Without them, you cannot exist. So how they feel about your company matters. A bad experience could be the real dealbreaker in your relationship. Do you know how you’re doing? Are you exceeding their expectations?

Partner with us to create a thriving working environment for your staff and the best possible experience for your customers to retain their loyalty.

Are you ready to up your game and become the business of choice for your customers?

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How much does it cost your company to replace a customer or employee?

You’ve probably gone to great lengths and spent thousands of pounds getting new customers or finding the right talent for your teams. What’s more, you’ve put a lot of effort into providing a high-quality service. So, when customers or employees leave, it not only has a huge financial impact on your bottom line but also on your staff, who may experience a loss in morale.

Sadly many companies accept the cost of losing a customer or employee as part of the cost of doing business. But it doesn’t have to be. Studies reveal that about 95 per cent of people that have had a bad service experience don’t complain, they simply walk away.

If you don't know why your customers are leaving, or why your employees may be disengaged, you can't do anything to make the necessary changes.

At insight6, we understand how crucial it is to retain good people whether they’re customers or employees to reduce costs and increase profits. And we believe the best way to do this is by delivering an exceptional customer experience.


We have developed a number of bespoke solutions to help you determine what influences the satisfaction — or lack of it — among your employees and customers. And when you understand what influences satisfaction, we can support you by putting in place a bespoke strategy to improve your customer experience.



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