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If you want to improve customer conversion and increase your transaction values, then partner with insight6. We have for ten years.

Jeremy Heynes
CEO Barracloughs The Opticians



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insight6 has partnered with us to transform Craigies from 75k customers per year to over 300k customers. Their local expertise is invaluable.

John Sinclair
Owner Craigies



Discover what your customers really think and feel.

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By partnering with insight6 and reviewing the experience we are delivering, we have been able to improve our service delivery and enquiry conversion.

Stephen Goddard
Head Of Business Development & Marketing



Say hello to new insights into your business with insight6.

We’re passionate about Customer Experience! We design and deliver some of the most advanced feedback programmes in the world. Having conducted over 280,000 Customer Experience Reviews and Customer Surveys, we are able to rapidly transfer our knowledge and expertise to create your perfect Customer Experience Improvement programme.

We’ll be there, supporting and partnering you every step of the way with CX Workshops, Business Mentoring sessions, Training, Focus Groups. Whatever it takes. It’s all part of the service we deliver based on our own unique ICX6 philosophy.

Increase your sales and profitability through improving your Customer Service experience is our raison d'être.


What specialist sector can we help you with today?

Our Customer Experience Director network delivers feedback solutions to a wide variety of sectors, nationwide.

Six great reasons to choose insight6.

All our services are tailored to improve your bottom line.

Customer Experience Reviews

CX Reviews involves a researcher experiencing the service your team delivers first hand, and then reporting back the findings. The criteria for the CX Review is always tailored for your business.

Training & Development

We use the output from the CX Reviews, coupled with our sector experience to ensure we deliver inspiring and motivational training and development workshops for your team.

Customer Journey Mapping

"You can't manage what you don't measure" and mapping your customer's journey thoughout your entire business is the crucial step in the CX Factor. Once the mapping workshops are complete you will have a roadmap to improve CX Factor...

Online Feedback

Our online survey tools enables you to identify at any time how your existing customers and team members are feeling about your brand. Our Feedback Direct system allows you to measure your customer's experience during their journey at regular intervals.

Focus & Listening Groups

A great way to really establish how your customer feels about your business is through the use of listening and focus groups. Our CX Directors facilitate a group of customers through a pre planned and well thought through process offering the feedback you need to improve the CX Factor.

Mentoring & Coaching

Changing your team's behaviour is crucial to the success of improving your CX Factor. Through our coaching and mentoring we work closely with key team members to help them develop their skills and behaviour to embrace the challenge of improving the CX Factor.

Developed through substantial research by the world’s leading thinkers in customer experience.

At last! An easy-to-use, web-based application that emails your customers a simple feedback form; they point, click and they’re done on any device, from anywhere, and you receive feedback instantly on your FeedbackDirect dashboard.

Image of the Feedback Direct dashboard

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