The Client Journey Project 2018 Results

The Client Journey Project 2018, now in its third year, was conducted between February and June 2018 and highlighted a number of areas where firms could improve the way they handle enquiries.

The UK-wide survey tested the standards of 70 volunteer legal firms — none of them current clients of insight6— measuring their responses to walk-in office, website and phone enquiries.

More than 450 interactions were carried out, across the 70 firms, using enquiries based on common issues such as property purchase, wills and trusts and commercial business.

Some of the key findings included:

  • Only 25% of clients felt that a meeting with a solicitor was held in a suitably private place on walk-in enquiries.
  • 39% of website enquiries led to a conversation between the client and a fee earner.
  • Only 24% of all clients felt that they received an ‘added value’ experience.
  • On phone enquiries just 18% of clients were informed of the name of the person they were being put through to by the receptionist.
  • Only 7% of all firms followed up on a phone enquiry.


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