Crealy Adventure Park


Crealy Great Adventure Park in Devon has over 500,000 visits a year and is one of the busiest theme parks and resorts in the South West. It has grown over the years by providing innovative, fun and entertaining rides and attractions and always training their staff to provide the highest standard of customer care.

Crealy Adventure Park

The Opportunity
Crealy relished the opportunity to work with insight6. For the last four years, insight6 has worked with the Crealy team to provide detailed Customer Experience Reviews. Every aspect of the resort has been covered, including the accommodation, food and beverages, the rides and attractions, as well as the all-important interactions with park staff.

The Process
The team have been able to use this data to incentivise staff to focus on and improve the customer interaction they have by identifying training needs.

The first thing for Rhian to do once he partnered with the Crealy team was to complete a business review with the leadership team. This explored opportunities to grow the business through the power of customer insight and led to a number of other business enhancing services including a customer listening forum for annual pass members. During the forum, a number of previously unknown customer thoughts were uncovered through the questions that Rhian posed, including thoughts on the food available and the kind of attractions customers would like to see at the park. This has then led to insight6 providing leadership training for the team as well as various other customer and staff surveys.

The Result
The reports and surveys conducted by insight6 allowed the team to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience. Customer satisfaction scored have since increased from an average of 75% to 95%. An improved score in customer satisfaction correlates to an increase to both park visitor numbers, and the financial performance of the park.

“At Crealy we truly understand the power of objective and independent feedback of the experience we are providing for our customers, both young and slightly older. We have been working with insight6 for a number of years and value the expertise and professional insight assessments they deliver for us, they really are the customer experience specialists! “I would highly recommend working with Rhian and his team of highly trained insight team, as I know they will help partner us to continued business success driven by world class customer insight.”

Josh Haywood, General Manager