We deliver feedback solutions to a variety of sectors.

Our Regional Customer Experience Director network delivers local support and highly tailored feedback and training programmes. No matter which sector you are in or what your business does we will create a bespoke programme for you.

We currently work with businesses within the following sectors:


From large attractions such as Cadbury World to family owned farm parks, we specialise in delivering in-depth feedback to the attraction sector.

Care Homes

We help care home providers to make the most of every sales lead. From large groups to independents, our specialist team delivers business-changing feedback.


Working with leading Universities and educational establishments, we provide Customer Experience Reviews to communicate the student experience to drive improvement.

Town and City Centres

We have worked with over 40 different BIDs to date, including LOVE Bedford where the BID Manager described our work as a “huge success"

Farm Shops

As well as being a management partner in FRA, we work with hundreds of farm shops to measure service performance and then train teams to sell more.

Garden Centres

From exit surveys to assessment visits, our highly trained Customer Experience Reviewers provide real time feedback to improve the customer experience to hundreds of garden centres.

Hotels Hospitality and Events

Clients have described us as the most progressive and quality customer experience company they have ever worked with. Our cutting edge rapid feedback ensures that whatever is wrong is quickly put right.

Business to Business

Customer service is the critical factor as far as business to business trading is concerned. We can help you deliver a customer service experience which is of the highest quality.

Legal Services

Working with LawNet and scores of legal firms, we provide comprehensive end to end feedback and sales training to more than 200 legal firms, including many high-profile firms within the top 100.


Working with more than 60 independent brands and larger groups such as Alder and Hakim, we have the skills to help opticians reflect on the customer experience.

Sports & Leisure

From Manchester City to Leisure Clubs, we provide feedback tools and training to quickly improve the customer experience and sign-up rates.


Working with leading brands, our insight programme and extensive sector knowledge ensures that we help businesses drive bottom line improvement.


We work with a number of clients in the travel sector from transport companies such as Euro Tunnel and HS2 to holiday providers.


We work with a number of SMEs, creating a bespoke programme to help transform their Customer Experience.

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