For 30 years, across the globe, insight6 has been the major player in the mystery shopping arena. They have raised the standards within the whole sector by ensuring that each mystery shopper is individually trained and receives feedback on every assignment that is carried out. We are the first CX business to introduce local specialists to help our clients develop, deliver and manage quality mystery shopping programs. Our clients deal with someone local who is a CX expert and partners to ensure programs are successful.

6 reasons why Mystery Shopping will help your business

Our highly trained mystery shoppers are able to conduct visits from a retail or restaurant through to a complicated legal case or a school induction.

Our 800 mystery shoppers are all one to one trained and receive feedback on every experience they report on.

All feedback is delivered through a customer portal within 48 hours of the experience being completed.

Our local CX specialist supports every step of the way to ensure you take the right actions from the quality feedback.

We can benchmark your business’ experience against others in your sector.

The quality and depth of our feedback is generally perceived as the finest in the world.


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Examples of feedback we receive from our 500+ UK clients...

"insight6 know what they are doing."
"The quality of the video was superb."
"Receiving a quote within 24 hours and starting the project within a week was brilliant."
"To place an order today and have the results within 5 days was amazing"
"Receiving the report within 48 hours was so helpful."
"The insight6 quality is the best in class"
"Having a local specialist to help was invaluable. It really took the pressure off me."