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instant insight is your total feedback solution that analyses the feedback from your team and customers at a level that has never been seen before.

Not only will this provide you with actionable comments that will transform your business, instant insight will also increase your brand reputation by linking positive feedback to any public review platform that you choose.

What's more, this solution will enable you to benchmark your business against others within your sector so with instant insight we can help you achieve a world class Customer and Employee Experience.

Key Features and Benefits

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"Aston Services Group is a leading facilities management company with a large, diverse workforce across the country. As the national lockdown eased, we were concerned for the wellbeing of all our employees, and their perceived levels of safety and comfort in their workplace environment. The Covid-19 Team Safety tracker from insight6, was invaluable in creating a link with our workforce, 24 hours a day for three months as our services returned to a pre-lockdown norm.

Our employees gained confidence that we cared about their welfare and were able to respond quickly to any concerns. Our clients were satisfied we were delivering our services in line with all the government guidelines, and the management were able to manage the staggered return to work with information at their fingertips on the company dashboard. We maintained a high response rate and reported a level of employees feeling “safe” at a constant 97% from over 16,000 surveys sent out.

The software was simple to implement and easily adopted by the management team, removing much of the stress of managing a large remote workforce returning to work in the most challenging of times."

Alistair Clayton (Sales and Marketing Director - Aston Services Group Ltd)

"At Bluestone, we take our staff welfare incredibly seriously and we know that recent months have been very challenging for everyone. We are committed to supporting our teams back to work in the best way possible.  

 We have asked staff how they feel prior to returning to work and used their feedback to help get ourselves prepared for our reopening. On the back of feedback, we wanted to give our teams continuing reassurance that they could raise any worries they may have quickly and effectively 

 We are now using the instant insight Welfare Checker to ask our staff daily how they are feeling in the workplace. This means that we are able to act on feedback provided by our teams in a swift and efficient manner. The staff safety checker is proving to be a very valuable tool, giving us quick and insightful information that can benefit all our Bluestone teams." 

Debbie Rainbow (Organisation Development Director, Bluestone)

"At Fuzion4 we have engineers and team members entering commercial and residential properties to service and fit our alarm and security systems. It was important to us that we could make sure that our team felt safe, and that they understood we wanted to hear about it if they didn't.

We commissioned the staff safety checker from insight6 which was quick and easy to set up. 

Once the feedback was being received it was great to see that the vast majority of the team (86%) felt safe. The real-time email notification that informed us when a team member advised that they did not feel safe allowed us to swiftly discuss the issues with the individuals and resolve it for them. 

We are also using the system to gather feedback from team members who are working from home and furloughed, and will shortly be expanding the system to gather insight from our customers too.

The safety checker is giving me peace of mind that we are fulfilling our duty of care towards our team.

Russ Keen (Director - Fuzion4 Group)

"At Lodge Group Care UK, we partnered with insight6 to gather feedback from our team members about how they felt while furloughed and at work during the Covid-19 pandemic. The setting up of the system was extremely efficient with little input needed from us.

As well as giving us peace of mind that our team felt well looked after, the insight6 safety checker alerted us immediately when there was a team member who felt unsafe or had a concern. By receiving an email alert we were able to act quickly to take the appropriate action and remedy the situation.

The safety checker is a must for any business who cares about their staff's well being and wants to protect themselves from potential duty of care claims".

John Timbs (Managing Director - Lodge Group Care)

"At Bartletts SEAT, it's always been important to us that we provide a great experience to our customers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to ensure that our customers felt safe during their interactions with us and that they felt we had adequately considered their personal safety.

We commissioned insight6 Sussex to gather feedback from our customers via their Covid-19 safety checker system. The system was set up quickly and we started receiving feedback straight away. Being able to see that customers had felt well looked after and safe during their interactions with us meant that I was confident that our processes were working as intended.

The system has also helped us to generate great content from our customers for use as testimonials, which will help to influence others to choose Bartletts SEAT in the future."

Richard Bartlett (Bartletts SEAT)

"The team feedback system is working very well and really helping us transition people back to the office – thank you!"


Grant Sanders (Partner - Stephen Rimmer LLP)

COVID-19 Team Safety Checker

How do you know if your team feels safe at work?

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