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About Jim

We all know customer service is vital, so why do so many businesses get it wrong? It not only affects profits, but staff satisfaction and retention.

My background before insight6 was in retail management, B2B sales, and training and internal consultancy roles in a number of blue chip firms.

With nearly 10 years in this business, I have facilitated service and sales improvements for some 60 firms in the South of England.

The two things I’ve learned in that time are that businesses think they know what customers think of them and how their staff members handle enquiries, but they often don’t. I’m also astounded how many sales opportunities are missed – they could ‘help people to buy’ so much more.

How we can help

Customer experience reviews

Training and development

Customer journey mapping

Online feedback

Focus and listening groups

Mentoring and coaching


"Working on this project with insight6 enabled the BID to deliver both added value support to individual businesses as well as raise the profile of the town and we intend to repeat this in future years."

Tracey Shrimpton - BID Manager, Find Your Fleet

“By engaging insight6 the team has now developed techniques that have grown their confidence and helped them to close sales. We have certainly found Jim’s insight useful and would recommend the customer experience and training services.”

Leigh Jenkins, Chewton Glen and Cliveden Hotels

“We have run some Customer Experience Reviews and had some follow-up training. We can point to sales that were made or increased due to the techniques we learned. It is a journey but the work so far has had a positive effect on the staff and the business.”

Julian Hase, Hampshire Tile Warehouse