We understand the challenges facing the Care Home sector.

The initial handling of an enquiry will set in the customer's mind the perceived quality of the care home. Ensuring the "enquiry journey" is mapped and measured consistently has a direct impact on sign ups and team morale. This is where we can help.

Since 2013 we have worked with some of the largest care providers across the UK to assist them to become more focused on creating a better first impression and to increase both sign up and retention rates.  For example we have…

  • Benchmarked service standards across care homes within a group, to identify best practice
  • Mystery shopped a new enquiry via the phone, web or chat to see how far the inquiry goes and the quality of the response
  • Mystery shopped the care home and identifying all the key touch points within the experience and to see if the team were able to gain customer interest in having a room
  • Conducted focus groups with relatives to identify how they felt about the care their loved ones were receiving
  • Introduced monthly team surveys that are quick and easy which identifies morale issues that can be easily managed
  • Introduced a unique process to boost the number of Google reviews or for any other review platform
  • Conducted team training sessions on the importance of delivering a great experience to leave the team motivated and for them to be the “very best that they can”
  • Facilitated team sessions on customer journey mapping in order to improve efficiency and to gain team “buy in” to new procedures
  • To run team focus groups to offer the management the opportunity to hear how their team feel about working within their care organisation

If you feel we can help you, please do get in touch.

Six Reasons to choose insight6 to improve your Customer Experience

We are extremely familiar with the sectors that we work in and our Customer Experience Directors have fantastic local knowledge within their regions. As a result, you will receive the best knowledge, support and information allowing you to benchmark yourself against other businesses within your industry and area.

  1. Our Customer Experience Directors are local to you and on hand to partner your journey of CX transformation.
  2. Our Customer reviews, survey tools and on-line feedback products are world class.
  3. All of your CX measurement is tailored for your business to ensure the results are 100% relevant and actionable.
  4. Our CX Directors can coach and mentor your teams to improve performance.
  5. Our benchmarking and customer mapping tools are second to none.
  6. When you work with Insight6 Transformation comes as Standard.

Greg Draper
Ashfield Healthcare


“I really enjoyed working with Michelle, she was incredibly knowledgeable and provided us with a fantastic service. insight6 gives us a new dimension of feedback that enables us to make decisions with our customer at the centre.”

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Alexandra Davies
Marketing Director Cornwall Care


“Rhian is a pleasure to work with, he contributes new ideas and innovation to businesses. I have worked with Rhian for over a year now and both his services and expertise are exceptional, I highly recommend to anyone seeking insight into their customer service and how they could develop further.”

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