Tap into the knowledge and expertise of our Customer Experience Directors.

“insight6 conducted some coaching with team members to focus them on self-development and challenge them to review their own actions to drive positive results. It has produced some great results"

James Boyle, Chepstow Garden Centre

Mentoring and Coaching

Our Customer Experience Directors are highly trained mentors and coaches with fantastic levels of experience in a number of different sectors. Our CXDs, who cover the whole of UK and Ireland, have over 600 years of experience between them and have mentored and coached at a number of industry leading businesses. The Directors will be able to guide you and members of your team to improve yourself and the work you do, to set ambitious, but achievable goals, and to help you transform your business.

Mentoring and Coaching at a glance.

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Mentoring and coaching

At insight6, we understand your business.

Our Customer Experience Directors have a range of knowledge and expertise and we will be able to call on any one of our team to help you. All of our sessions are tailored to suit your needs which ensures you get the best outcome from the session which will make the biggest impact on your business.We are flexible in that we will come to you whenever you require and our large team, spanning the UK and Ireland, has the capability to always be on hand to call on to coach a small or large group.The one to one sessions are confidential but suggested strategic improvements can be fed back to the management team to provide you with a great insight into how your business can be transformed.