Putney BID: High Street Boost with Mystery Shopping

“The BID's success is greatly amplified through the active participation of local businesses. Our objective was to provide members with a valuable business tool that fosters a mutually beneficial relationship and elevates their engagement with the BID. insight6 was brilliant at supplying all the information needed, making the programme run smoothly." Nicola, Putney BID. 


Putney BID case study

Putney BID, also known as Positively Putney, is a business-owned and led, not-for-profit organisation working to maximise Putney's potential and make it a vibrant and attractive place for those who work, live and visit the area. 

It has three distinct aims: to promote Putney as a welcoming place to shop, live, and work; to make Putney a safer and cleaner town centre; and to encourage Putney businesses to work together. 

Putney BID

Putney BID: Project Overview

Putney BID is committed to helping its member businesses to succeed and grow. It provides support through various initiatives, including mystery shopping programmes, events, and community initiatives, to help its members improve customer experiences, increase engagement and foster a sense of community.  

Since 2018, the BID has been actively running mystery shopping programs, and in 2022, it embarked on a collaborative venture with insight6 for its most recent district-wide mystery shopping initiative.   

insight6 has a proven track record of successful partnerships with numerous BIDs nationwide. Putney's decision to collaborate with insight6 was driven by the extensive detail and business engagement demonstrated in their partnership with Watford BID.

Putney BID: Mystery Shopping

Our Approach

In partnership with insight6, Putney BID launched a free mystery shopping programme for all its member businesses to review their customer experiences, celebrate successes, and identify opportunities for improvement. The programme was launched and completed in just a few weeks.   

Fifty-three businesses participated in the programme, including retail, hospitality, and professional services. Each received a comprehensive customer experience report produced by a professional insight6 researcher based on a physical visit or phone or email enquiry. Following the mystery shops and follow-up reports, the BID arranged an awards evening to celebrate the achievements and provide another opportunity to increase engagement with local businesses.  

CX Solutions

By outlining a list of regular interactions customers may have with the businesses daily, insight6 produced a detailed CX Review survey to enable the researchers to analyse the customer experience at each company. 

Tailored Mystery Shopping scenarios were crafted for diverse industries—including retail, professional services, hospitality, leisure, and more—using the expertise of insight6's highly trained researchers. Our approach allowed for successful testing and reporting of the business's specific customer experience.

"The response to the mystery shopping programme was overwhelmingly positive. Businesses found the reports highly valuable, appreciating the identified improvement opportunities. They also welcomed the feedback and actionable points provided to enhance their operations." - Nicola, Putney BID.

Project Outcomes

The outcomes of the mystery shopping programme with insight6 showcase its transformative impact on Putney BID's operations. The initiative enhances customer experiences, fosters more robust business engagement, and lays the groundwork for potential growth within the district.

Through active participation and recognition of successes, the BID effectively boosted engagement with local business owners, driving increased AGM attendance and a desire for additional mystery shopping programmes.


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