Stephens Scown Solicitors: Improving Relations and Revenue

Working with insight6 as an external client experience provider adds credibility and accountability to our client and employee review process. We value the expertise, ideas and reassurance it brings when working towards our business goals.” - Stephens Scown Solicitors

Stephens Scown Solicitors Team

Stephens Scown Solicitors is a leading South-West law firm with a reputation for doing things differently. Evolving from a traditional practice, it is now an employee-owned regional heavyweight and B Corp™ Certified organisation.  

With offices in Exeter and Truro, Stephens Scown offers comprehensive legal services tailored to businesses and individuals. Renowned for its client-focused approach and commitment to delivering practical solutions, it is leading positive change within the legal sector.  


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Stephens Scown Solicitors: Project Overview

Client Experience is one of Stephens Scown's four pillars, and client feedback is valued throughout the business. The senior leadership team has worked with insight6 CX Director Rhian Huxtable as a valued partner for six years to monitor and improve client relationships continuously.  

The business is proficient in making client-centric decisions due to the deep desire for constructive feedback. One pioneering example is establishing a centralised enquiries team that triages all new inbound enquiries to reduce the client journey, free up time for legal advisors and record the data to provide valuable insights into the leadership team.   

Working as an extension of the team, insight6 provides Stephens Scown with an expert sounding board for projects across the business where investing in relationships is a key driver.  

Stephens Scown Improving Relationships

Our Approach

Over the past few years, Stephens Scown has embarked on a journey to expand the client feedback programme, moving from ad-hoc surveying to a structured system throughout a case and in-depth interviews with selected clients and mystery shops.  

With an eye on client spending versus turnover, the business wanted to maximise revenue from every client opportunity and referral partner. Employee engagement was recognised as essential to improving revenue and client experience. 

CX Solutions

Insight6's feedback platform, instantinsight, was tailored to create a rolling client review programme that triggers a sentiment score at various points of a legal matter to track whether the client is happy. The system allows legal advisers to spot any potential issues with their cases quickly and contact the client to understand how to improve the situation.  

Selected clients were interviewed by insight6 to understand their experience better. With the researchers fully briefed on each case, they could extract detailed information from the client and provide feedback to the senior leadership team.  

To review the client experience first-hand, insight6 conducted 40 mystery shops across the year, posing as prospective clients. The team handpicked detailed scenarios to understand how clients with attractive and unattractive businesses interacted with teams across the business. Turning business away positively was just as important as progressing a lead.  

Internal monthly surveys were also implemented across all departments to understand employees' feelings and provide a tool to raise any issues quickly.  

Project Outcomes

The combined CX projects across the business continuously improve client relationships and revenue. A critical measurement in the client feedback surveys is the NPS (Net Promoter Score), and Stephens Scown's score is around 12% higher than the industry average.  

Call handling and response rates have significantly improved, which has positively impacted new business conversion. Similarly, the centralised enquiries team has saved over £600,000 in legal advisers' time.  


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