Discover your competitors’ pitfalls when handling new enquiries, and learn how to up your game and profits

Delight your clients | Save your firm money | Avoid reputational risk

The most comprehensive research, conducted across over 250 professional services firms, our 2021 Report is instrumental for benchmarking how professional service firms handle new enquiries.


How professional services firms are performing.

Competitor benchmarking: accountancy, financial, legal and property firms.

Steps to improve your client experience.

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What firms say about our previous research

"The client journey was excellent. It gave our firm a real focus on the experience we give to our clients."


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Julian Overton
Partner, TV Edwards

"Understanding the client journey is vital to any firm that wants to improve its bottom line. By using insight6 we have been able to improve our service delivery and enquiry conversion.”

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Stephen Goddard
Head of Business Development & Marketing, Woodfines Solicitors