Bluestone: Elevating Customer and Employee Experiences

“Working with Mel and insight6, we have developed a robust and successful guest experience tracking system. It ensures we are constantly looking at how we can improve our services and is one reason we hope why our guests leave happy, relaxed and want to return.” Claire Lewis, Head of Guest Relations at Bluestone.



Bluestone Elevating Customer and Employee Experiences

Bluestone National Park Resort near Narberth, Pembrokeshire, attracts thousands of guests to its 500-acre resort annually and is one of Wales’s top tourist resorts.

Bluestone’s objective is to invite guests to return to the park and tell their friends and family about their great time. Bluestone understands that its employees are a central part of the guests’ journey and that it is successful in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Bluestone National Park Resort Logo

Bluestone: Project Overview

Bluestone National Park Resort initially engaged insight6 to track its guests' journey and measure their experience at critical points during their holiday. After successfully developing and implementing a robust guest experience tracking system, Bluestone expanded its collaboration with insight6 to transform its annual employee survey.

Bluestone joined forces with insight6's Mel Evans to upgrade its annual employee survey from an in-house system to insight6's total feedback solution. The switch provided a neutral and confidential platform for employees to share feedback, enabling Bluestone to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

Bluestone's Blue Lagoon

Our Approach

insight6 managed Bluestone's transition from an in-house survey process to instant insight, our total feedback solution. We provided expert advice and supported the survey process end-to-end, with regular pulse measurements to gather employee feedback every quarter. Based on the insights gained, we provided recommendations for improvement, enabling Bluestone to create a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

CX Solutions

Using our instant insight solution, we provided Bluestone National Park Resort with an innovative and practical approach to employee feedback. With the information gathered, insight6 was able to give actionable recommendations to improve the employee and customer experience, creating a culture of transparency and openness.

Stuart Jaynes - Director of people services at Bluestone said:  

“Mel Evans has been instrumental in shaping our Employee Engagement Strategy, immersing herself into our ethos and values. We found that by using Mel, she was able to provide an unbiased and objective view of the feedback whilst providing our employees with a totally confidential platform to tell us what they really think. We saw employee participation move from 64% to 85% and we were delighted to have such a great response, as well as some valuable insight from the team.” 

Project Outcomes

Partnering with insight6 helped Bluestone improve employee participation rates from 64% to 85%, enabling data-driven decisions for a more engaged workforce and improved customer experiences. Our insights and culture of openness empowered employees to contribute to the business's success.

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