Stride Treglown: The Evolution Of A CX Journey

"insight6 is instrumental in the success of our practice. Rhian is a true partner to the senior leadership team, and we rely on his external viewpoint to keep us on track to meet our goals”. Rachel Bell, Stride Treglown

Stride Treglown CX

Stride Treglown is an employee-owned, carbon-neutral architecture practice. In 2021, they became the first large UK practice to join the purpose-driven B Corp community. 

Their multidisciplinary team of 330 architects, designers and specialists deliver nationally significant projects from nine regionally embedded studios across England and Wales.  

Together, they create long-term positive impacts for their clients and the communities they help shape by designing better places, building resilient partnerships, and empowering people. 


Stride Treglown

Project Overview

Stride Treglown has been working with insight6 since late 2020, when they began to design a comprehensive feedback and review system with the support of Regional CX Director Rhian Huxtable.  

CX had been a focus of the practice for several years. However, following detailed feedback from clients and employees in its initial work with insight6, the practice invested in new procedures and processes to improve the experience across the whole client journey to great success.  

The CX projects have evolved, forming a core business cornerstone – the Engage Programme. This client success programme tracks and measures client experience and feedback to aid the practice in delivering an unrivalled customer care package. 

The Engage Programme is now fully embedded into the practice and forms part of every client project. To find out more about Engage, please reach out to Rachel Bell, Director of Partnerships.

Stride Treglown CX monitoring project success

Our Approach

Now in its third year of the Engage Programme, under the guidance of insight6, Stride Treglown has refined the client feedback survey system from a quick touch point at the end of a project into a monthly cycle of a post-appointment survey, a mid-way ten-minute deep dive interview and a post-completion survey for every project. The practice also completes an annual client survey, comprising an extended study of over 3,000 clients and collaborators.  

Pivotal to the success of the Engage Programme is the understanding of and engagement with the programme across the whole company. Internal staff surveys, training and mentoring have been implemented regularly to ensure consistency, especially for new starters.

CX Solutions

The instantinsight platform has been instrumental in developing and refining Stride Treglowns’s Engage Programme. Utilising the feedback survey capabilities in multiple ways, the relevant teams can easily monitor and track the data regularly. 

Each new project triggers set survey questions at set points of the journey each month to assess how the client feels about the project and the working relationship. This feedback allows the project manager to quickly pick up on any potential niggles that may arise.  

Similarly, the instantinsight system tracks internal sentiment amongst the team and new starters. The survey seeks to understand how well employees understand the Engage Programme and where extra training or coaching may be required.  

Midway through a project and annually for all clients, Stride Treglown seeks to delve deeper into the client experience, asking more detailed questions through interviews and extended open-ended survey questions. 

Stride Treglown CX Solutions



The quality of Stride Treglown's feedback strategy has improved significantly yearly, and they have now hit a momentous point in their journey. Clients have welcomed the process, and the response rates for the annual survey have increased from 3% to 10%. Internally, the programme is well received, and feedback response rates are growing yearly.

insight6's advanced CX programmes and bespoke feedback tools have earned us a reputation as the partner of choice for many forward-thinking companies. Our network of local CX Directors provides on-the-ground support to hundreds of UK-wide clients, helping take their companies to the next level.