CX Reviews

provide a

detailed report

on the customer experience

through their shoes.


customer experience reviews

Our team of 1,000+ researchers are individually trained to the highest standards.

Every time a review is made they are given comprehensive feedback from our quality team to ensure they are always improving.

The research team are well looked after and have frequent meetings with the Customer Experience Directors.

The support provided to our researchers allows them to really get under the skin of your business, and on some occasions the researchers will meet with clients to gain an even greater understanding.

We have been working with

insight6 for a number of years and value the expertise and professional CX reviews they deliver for us, they really are

the customer experience specialists!”.

Josh Haywood, General Manager at Crealy Adventure Park


customer experience reviews
at a glance...

Detailed review through customer's shoes

Motivate team members

Benchmark performance against other businesses in sector

Identify issues

In depth feedback

CX Reviews provide a fantastic opportunity for you get an in depth report on the customer's experience when using your business.

This allows you to identify issues in your process and put them right, as well as motivating your staff by keeping them updated on what they are doing well and challenging them where they can improve.

The reviews are tailored specifically to your business. Instead of asking generic questions we create a bespoke scenario designed to get you the results you need.

All this information will then be collected and made easy to find all in one place on the CX portal.

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“Our researchers are trained to the highest standard to provide the best information.”

Jim Smith



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