Focus and listening groups

We arrange, invite the right people, and facilitate focus and listening group sessions that produce comprehensive feedback for you to use to transform your business. After compiling the results of the groups, we will work with you to take on board the feedback and to develop the actions that are required to make a positive change.

Focus and listening groups at a glance.

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Focus and listening groups

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At insight6, we understand your business.

Hosting a focus or a listening group is a fantastic tool to get people talking. This provides you with really in depth detail for you to examine with our help. These sessions usually follow on from an online survey, so you can follow up the responses you have gained from that and drill down into the information to get even better results.

Running these sessions allows you to ask open ended, in depth questions that you would not usually have the opportunity to ask. By getting customers in the room, you can walk through the journey with them, getting a truly ‘live’ experience of exactly how they are feeling at every stage.