Student wellbeing: insight6 launches digital guide.

Student wellbeing

FE News interviewed insight6 Founder and CEO Jonathan Winchester on the pressing issue of student wellbeing in higher education. The article delves into the complexities of mental health challenges and the launch of our digital guide to improve the student experience and support retention. Explore the full interview and insights here >>>

Prioritising the student experience is paramount for colleges and universities seeking to foster a culture of learning and success. Yet, understanding students’ sentiments throughout their educational journey can pose challenges. Our comprehensive Digital Guide, “The Student Experience,” offers practical advice and tips to help institutions attract and retain top candidates while delivering positive experiences.

– Jonathan Winchester, insight6 Founder and CEO

Student wellbeing: cause for concern

By prioritising the student experience, institutions can attract and retain a diverse student population, bolster academic success, and improve long-term financial prospects. Yet, the education sector faces considerable challenges in addressing student wellbeing.

Data from NHS Digital paints a troubling picture: 1 in 4 young people aged 17 to 19 now likely have a mental health disorder. Additionally, a recent study found that 63% of students face overwhelming anxiety, with 41% experiencing depression to the point of impaired functioning.

Student wellbeing issues

Our guide is titled “Empowering Student Wellbeing and Retention,” It equips educational institutions with essential insights and tools to foster a positive and supportive environment for students throughout their academic journey, from enrolment to graduation.

At insight6, we specialise in empowering educational institutions to deliver impactful student experiences and drive institutional growth. With bespoke feedback tools, trained researchers, and tailored solutions, we’ve earned a reputation as the partner of choice for forward-thinking educational institutions. Let us help you shape your institution’s and its students’ brighter future. Download your copy of our digital guide here >>>

insight6 Surrey Acquired by Paul Matthews

insight6 Surrey

Customer experience specialist Paul Matthews is expanding his insight6 franchise by purchasing a neighbouring territory, Surrey.

Battle-based, Paul has been building insight6 in Sussex since 2015, turning it into a thriving
customer experience (CX) consultancy. Working with 70 local businesses, including high-
profile clients across the leisure, hospitality, retail and professional service industries, Paul
has increased turnover by 550%.

insight6 provides businesses with first-hand insights into the customer’s experience utilising
its world-class research tool instantinsight, mystery shopping programmes and customer
journey analysis.

“I am thrilled to be taking the next step in growing my business. Investing in a new region was a big step against the backdrop of uncertain economic times, however, the need for businesses to fully understand their customers has never been higher, and enquiries have already increased during the first month of 2024.”

– Paul Matthews, insight6 Sussex and Surrey

Paul bought his first insight6 franchise after experiencing the benefits as a client whilst
working in the leisure industry. Regarding his professional background and new franchise territory, Paul said:

insight6 Surrey: Paul Matthews

“I spent 19 years working in the leisure sector managing high-end health clubs, and monitoring and improving customer experience was always a key part of my roles. CX was always a top priority in my previous role, and I invested a lot in measuring and improving CX. Having been an insight6 client for many years, when the opportunity to buy the Sussex arm of the business arose, it was the ideal opportunity for me to go out on my own and help other businesses.”

Surrey is an established and profitable region for insight6. The previous owner, Jim
will retire after building up the business over the last 15 years. He said:

“Having joined the company in 2009, then known as ‘Shopper Anonymous’, I’ve built up a fantastic client base and become a trusted business partner over the years. Helping a business improve and achieve its goals is rewarding, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Paul is a fantastic CX Specialist, and I know businesses across Surrey will be excited to work with him as I head off into retirement.”

Paul added: “I look forward to building new relationships across Surrey and forging strong partnerships that drive success for all involved.”

If your business needs to understand its customers better or improve the experience, you
can contact Paul Matthews directly at or 07710 394729.