Secret Shoppers: Your Silent Success Agents

Unlock the power of secret or mystery shoppers to understand what your customers think. Their insights can transform how you do business, from fixing hidden issues to highlighting what you excel at. Let’s explore the world of secret shoppers and see how they boost customer satisfaction and help your business thrive.

What is mystery shopping, and who are secret shoppers?

Mystery shopping is a way for businesses to check how good their service is by sending in secret shoppers. These secret shoppers act like regular customers, visiting stores or restaurants without anyone knowing. They look at things like how friendly the staff are, if the store is clean and if products are available. Mystery shopping helps businesses discover what they’re doing well and what needs improving to make customers happier.

Examples of mystery shopping assignments.

Examples of mystery shopping assignments vary widely and aren’t limited to retail and hospitality. Business industries use mystery shopping to deliver memorable customer experiences (CX)

As a leader in the mystery shopping arena, insight6 sets a high standard by providing individually trained mystery shoppers who offer feedback on every assignment. Our local specialists support clients in developing, delivering, and managing quality mystery shopping programs. In the past year alone, we’ve conducted over 23,760 mystery shops for 541 UK brands and offered constructive feedback to 78,520 team members. 

Here are some diverse examples of businesses benefiting from our secret shoppers:

🚗 Arnold Clark: Mystery Shopping Dealerships Nationwide

⚖️ Stephens Scown Solicitors: Improving relations and revenue

🚆 HS2: Supercharging The customer experience

🎓 Bedford College Group: Increasing Student Applications

Our case studies showcase how mystery shopping isn’t just for traditional retail or hospitality sectors—it’s applicable across every industry where customer satisfaction matters.

How is video mystery shopping effectively used?

At insight6, we offer a variety of mystery shopping solutions, including in-person visits, video mystery shopping, phone recordings, web interactions, and chat evaluations. Let’s explore the unique advantages of video mystery shopping, a preferred tool among leading brands. Here’s how they harness its power to elevate their customer experience:

1. Objective Performance Evaluation:

Video footage provides an unbiased assessment of employee performance, allowing businesses to accurately evaluate how staff handle customer interactions.

2. Detailed Feedback and Analysis:

Videos offer a comprehensive view of customer encounters, enabling businesses to analyse body language, tone, and expressions for deeper insights into customer and employee behaviour.

3. Training and Development Opportunities:

Video mystery shopping helps tailor training programs by identifying areas for improvement and fostering employees’ ongoing professional development.

4. Consistency Across Locations:

Video mystery shopping ensures a standardised evaluation process for businesses with multiple sites, facilitating comparison and consistency in training strategies.

5. Realistic Scenario Assessment:

Video mystery shopping captures authentic customer interactions, providing a realistic evaluation of employee performance in unscripted situations and enhancing the accuracy of assessments.

6. Evidence for Recognition or Improvement:

Video footage is tangible evidence of employee performance, supporting recognition of exceptional service and facilitating discussions for improvement plans.

What are the costs associated with secret shoppers?

Are you curious about the investment required for mystery shopping? The cost of a mystery shopping programme varies depending on your specific needs and objectives. At insight6, we believe in using trained secret shoppers to ensure you receive the best service possible. Our local CX specialists will collaborate with you to design a bespoke programme tailored to your requirements, providing transparent cost estimates upfront.

Remember what Warren Buffett said: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Our clients agree—our feedback is the best. We pick our mystery shoppers carefully, looking for:

  • Objectivity
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear written communication skills
  • Dedication to improvement
  • Timeliness in meeting deadlines
  • Proficiency in IT, with access to a personal computer

You can earn between £10 and £40 per assignment as a secret shopper. No prior mystery shopping experience is necessary, as we provide comprehensive induction and training for all team members. We’re seeking individuals capable of providing detailed, objective feedback about their experiences in clear narrative form. If you’re interested in joining our team of secret shoppers and contributing to improving customer experiences, contact us today!

How secret shoppers can foster positive team behaviours.

Secret shoppers are crucial to nurturing positive team behaviours. Their feedback helps teams identify strengths and areas for growth, fostering open communication and accountability. Secret shoppers create a supportive environment for team success by recognising and rewarding positive efforts. Discover more about boosting loyalty and profitability with customer reviews on our CX blog here.

Ready to start mystery shopping? Tips to get going!

Ready to dive into mystery shopping? Consider this: working with a partner who understands its role in your overall customer experience strategy is crucial. Cheap isn’t always the best. Mystery shopping reviews are a great start but a complex process. Choose a CX partner wisely—they’ll handle feedback effectively. 

At insight6, we get it: feedback is data, not judgment. We’re experts in designing and delivering advanced feedback programmes with local experts across the UK. Remember, one-off reviews give a snapshot, but you need regular feedback for lasting change, loyalty, and profitability. 

Conclusion: Your Silent Success Agents

Mystery shopping isn’t just about improving service—it’s about transforming your customer experience. By partnering with insight6, you gain valuable insights into your business’s strengths and weaknesses and unlock the potential for lasting change. Don’t let poorly trained secret shoppers ruin your mystery shopping programme—contact insight6 today to transform your customer experience and drive business success!

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