Customer Feedback: Boosting Sales with Social Proof Strategies

Customer Feedback Social Proof

It takes work to stand out, but customer feedback can help. With abundant options available, customers often turn to the experiences of others to guide their decisions. Social proof is a powerful tool that can sway consumer behaviour in your favour.

In this post, we’ll explore social proof, how to get it, and how to use it to win more business. By leveraging customer feedback effectively, you can boost sales and build trust with your audience. Let’s start and discover strategies for harnessing the power of social proof.

Table of contents:

What is social proof, and how can it be obtained?

Social proof is the idea of copying others’ actions to make decisions. Robert Cialdini first coined the term in his 1984 book Influence.

Essentially, social proof is customer feedback shared publicly. In marketing, social proof includes customer reviews, recommendations, and media coverage, which influence purchasing behaviours.

Do you know what people are saying about your business? Fear of negative reviews can hold you back. At insight6, we see feedback as valuable data, not judgment. We’re here to guide you.

Understanding customer feedback is crucial. It’s not just about collecting reviews but using them to improve and grow your business. Let’s explore why customer feedback is so important.

Why is customer feedback important?

Customer feedback is essential for making informed decisions and improving your business. It helps you understand what works, what doesn’t, and where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

Six reasons why customer feedback is crucial:

  1. Improves products and services: Feedback highlights areas for enhancement.
  2. Measures customer satisfaction: Understand how happy your customers are.
  3. Empowers business decisions: Data-driven insights lead to better strategies.
  4. Builds loyalty: Shows customers you listen and care.
  5. Creates better experiences: Use feedback to tailor interactions.
  6. Increases staff satisfaction: Recognise and reward good behaviour.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 83% of consumers recommend a brand they follow on social media to friends and family.
  • 72% of customers use Google reviews to find businesses.
  • Star rating matters more to shoppers than the number of reviews.
  • 34% of shoppers say they always read online reviews
  • Businesses with 200+ reviews generate twice as much revenue.

Proactively seeking feedback is crucial in developing organic, cheerful customer reviews online. Continuous feedback lets you monitor your business performance and understand real-time customer sentiments. Tools like our instant insight feedback solution offer the quickest and most efficient way to spot any blips in your customer experience.

Customer feedback and satisfaction

Customer satisfaction measures how well an organisation meets or exceeds customer expectations. It’s the outcome of either a good or bad experience.

Studies show that 81% of consumers repeat purchases after a positive experience. However, 61% of customers would switch to a new brand after just one bad experience.

Customer feedback and retention statistics

Positive feedback can affirm what you’re doing right, while negative feedback highlights areas for improvement. Listening to and acting on this feedback is crucial for maintaining high satisfaction levels and continuously enhancing the customer experience.

Creating ‘WOW’ moments will take your customer experience (CX) to the next level. Check out our Blog on creating ‘WOW’ moments to learn how to elevate your customer interactions to leave a lasting impact.

Companies focusing on solid customer experiences report a 75% higher retention rate. Additionally, loyal customers recommend brands to friends and family, with 66% writing positive reviews after a good experience.

Generating positive reviews should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Let’s explore how to use social proof in marketing next.

How to use social proof in marketing

Incorporating social proof into your marketing strategy can significantly boost your business. Here are some effective methods:

  • Testimonials and Reviews: Display positive customer feedback on your website and social media.
  • Customer and Client Case Studies: Highlight success stories that showcase your impact.
  • Showcasing Logos of Existing Clients: Display logos from well-known clients or customers to build credibility.
  • Awards and Accolades: Promote any industry awards or recognitions you’ve received.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): Encourage customers to share their experiences with your products or services.
  • Expert and Influencer Endorsements: Leverage these figures’ trust and authority to influence potential client and customer decisions.

Where to collect customer feedback

Gathering customer feedback is crucial for enhancing your business. Here are some key points in the customer journey and effective methods to collect feedback:

Why They Came to You: Ask customers what drew them to your business. This insight helps you understand your strengths and what attracts customers.

Check-In After Key Moments: Collect feedback after critical customer journey stages like sign-up, onboarding, purchases, and departures. This timing ensures you capture relevant experiences.

Ask for Reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews online. Positive reviews boost your reputation, while negative ones offer insights for improvement.

Request Case Studies: Contact satisfied customers for detailed case studies. These stories showcase your success and build credibility.

Surveys and Questionnaires: Use these tools regularly to gather broad insights, tailoring them to specific touchpoints in the customer journey.

Follow-Up Calls or Emails: Personal follow-ups show you value their opinion and can provide deeper insights than automated surveys.

Focus Groups: Organise focus groups to gather detailed feedback on specific topics. This method provides in-depth insights and allows for interactive discussions.

These strategies can help you gather comprehensive feedback to drive improvements and enhance customer satisfaction. At insight6, our tailored solutions ensure you get timely feedback to boost your business.

Want more customer reviews? Tips to get going!

As CX specialists, we believe the customer experience is everything. Moreover, positive reviews are essential for boosting loyalty and profits. To start, read our essential guide on  ‘How to Generate Positive Customer Reviews Online’.

At insight6, we have a cutting-edge feedback system supported by local experts. We ensure you get the right survey to the right customer base the first time, every time, with exceptional reply rates. No more seeking answers online—get instant local support over the phone.

Using instant insight will:

  • Gather and analyse feedback.
  • Gain real-time insights.
  • Increase positive online reviews.
  • Publish to public review sites
  • Improve your products and services.
  • Benchmark against competitors.

WATCH: See how instant insight will help you to generate more positive customer reviews.

Conclusion: Harness the Power of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is more than just reviews—it’s a powerful tool for improving customer experiences and boosting business success. Integrating social proof into your marketing strategy can enhance trust, drive sales, and build lasting customer relationships.

Partnering with insight6 gives you access to cutting-edge feedback systems and local expertise, ensuring you gather the right insights at the right time. Ready to transform your customer experience? Contact insight6 to boost your reviews, increase satisfaction, and drive growth. Request your free instant insight demo or CX consultation today!

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Eddie Stack: Interview with our CX Director for Ireland

Eddie Stack Interview on Hospitality CX

We spoke with insight6 Director Eddie Stack to explore how implementing customer experience (CX) strategies can help hospitality businesses survive and flourish.

The hospitality industry has encountered unprecedented challenges, from pandemic closures to recruitment shortages and the current cost-of-living crisis. Amidst these trials, maintaining a loyal customer base is crucial for businesses. Here, we interview Eddie about delivering exceptional customer experiences in hospitality and joining the insight6 team.

When it comes to CX, what should hospitality businesses keep in mind?

First impressions matter! From the appearance of your venue to the attitudes of your staff, it’s important to be nailing it from the get-go. CX plays a critical role in increasing ROI. Consider the ease of making reservations—do you offer an online form, and if your phone line accessible? Also, consider the view as customers approach—are your windows clean, and is the street outside well-maintained?

Next, focus on your team. Do you have the right people with the right attitude greeting your customers? And does your company culture support their success? Remember, unhappy staff can be easily spotted by customers, creating a negative vibe.

Are there particular challenges you see within the hospitality industry?

In many cases, owners and managers can be the bottlenecks. Caught up in the daily grind, they may handle every task rather than focus on strategy and team development. Conversely, some hands-off owners delegate operational tasks to managers, expecting them to oversee team development. Finding a manager who excels at operations and people skills is a tough task, necessitating a rigorous recruitment process prioritising customer and employee experience.

Mystery shopping can provide invaluable insights into areas needing improvement and help streamline recruitment. Check out our blog on “Secret Shoppers: Your Silent Success Agents” to learn more.

Can you share an example of a company that has impressed you with its CX capabilities?

Absolutely! A local furniture shop in Navan, County Meath, Ireland, stands out. It’s a family-owned and operated business that prioritises the experience of every customer. When you step in, you’re greeted warmly and offered a cup of coffee, creating a welcoming atmosphere. What impresses me most is their attention to detail in ensuring a consistent experience regardless of who’s assisting you. They’ve invested in their team culture, recognising the significance of always delivering a seamless and exceptional experience.

What’s the key to delivering excellent CX for a business?

The key lies in mastering follow-up strategies. When I consult with businesses, I often ask, “How frequently do you follow up with potential or existing clients?”

Typically, the response is limited, with businesses reaching out once or twice to new prospects. However, the reality is that consistent follow-up, sometimes ten or more times, may be necessary until the individual is ready to make a decision. It’s vital not to relent until you receive a definitive response.

Moreover, existing clients often encounter gaps in after-sales follow-up, particularly for significant purchases like a new car. While there’s a fear of appearing overly “salesy,” a simple check-in to offer assistance or ensure satisfaction is rarely met with negativity. Effective follow-up demonstrates care and commitment to customer needs, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing the overall CX.

Could you tell us about a bad customer experience you’ve had?

Certainly. I recently visited a popular restaurant in a bustling tourist hotspot and was excited to dine in. Upon arrival, we spotted a freshly cleaned table and approached it, hoping to be seated. The server promptly dropped off menus and departed without a word. However, after several minutes of waiting, no one returned to take our order. Feeling perplexed, I eventually flagged down the original staff member and requested to place our order, only to be informed bluntly that we had to order at the bar.

This experience underscores the importance of setting clear customer expectations. Had the server communicated that the restaurant operated on a self-service basis, allowing customers to order at the bar when ready, I would have appreciated the transparency. Unfortunately, the lack of information led to delays in our meal and frustration. It serves as a reminder that transparent communication is paramount in delivering a positive customer experience.

What drew you to Insight6 and the CX business ownership?

My journey towards insight6 and CX business ownership stemmed from my extensive interactions with business owners. Interacting with businesses highlighted the importance of customer experiences, igniting my passion for CX. Recognising its untapped potential in Ireland, I saw CX as a powerful tool for significant returns. This led me to envision a business focused on educating and upskilling Irish business owners. Insight6’s dedication to CX excellence perfectly matched my mission, making it the ideal platform to bring my vision to life.

What type of clients are you working with?

Hospitality is of particular interest to me at this time. I see a huge scope for CX to help these businesses thrive in a tough market. I also work with many professional sectors, such as accountants and solicitors, who do not have robust follow-up systems and rarely understand why they do not convert enquiries.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I thrive off success, and that is what I’m looking forward to most: helping owners achieve the best out of their businesses and profits.

A recent client – Liz Chisty, hand-woven Irish wool scarfs – enlisted me to increase her Trip Advisor reviews. As a local tourist attraction, her business was not effectively reflected by the number of online reviews left by visitors. We’re just about to launch a review programme to deliver additional Trip Advisor reviews when bus tours visit. We will enter each online reviewer into a draw to take home a luxury scarf. A QR code will be placed towards the end of the tour, allowing visitors to complete the online survey quickly and easily.

Eddie Stack, insight6 - connect on LinkedIn

About the author:

Eddie Stack is an insight6 CX Specialist based in Ireland. Please feel free to connect with Eddie on LinkedIn. Eddie joined our team in 2024, leveraging over 25 years of industry expertise. He has delivered business training across diverse roles and sectors, later leading his own Web Development venture. Eddie served nine years as an Executive Director for the BNI (Business Network International) across Ireland. Please feel free to connect with Eddie on LinkedIn.

At insight6, our unique and tailored solutions allow businesses to transform their customer experience cost-effectively, from end to end, with the dedicated support of a local specialist. To find your local Specialist to transform your customer experience, call +44 (0) 800 970 8987 or visit

For opportunities to join the insight6 team and run your business, visit our franchisee page.

Increasing ROI: The Critical Role of CX

Increasing roi with cx

One crucial strategy for increasing ROI stands out in today’s business world: making your customers happy. It’s not just a trend; it’s a key to success. Look at Amazon—it’s a great example of how focusing on customer happiness can make a business thrive. Here, we examine why customer happiness is vital for boosting ROI and present six ways to enhance your business’s success by delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX).

Measuring what matters

Customer experience (CX) should be a top priority in every business meeting. You might think, “You would say that as leading UK customer specialists”, but don’t just take our word for it. According to Forrester, businesses prioritising customer experience grow their revenue 1.7 times faster than businesses that don’t.

However, recognising its importance isn’t sufficient. You must demonstrate the impact of customer experiences, good or bad, on your bottom line. Without tangible evidence, convincing company leaders to invest in CX can be an uphill battle. So, while it’s evident that CX is crucial for customer satisfaction, proving its value through measurable ROI is essential for securing the budget and resources to stay competitive.

Six ways CX will improve your ROI

1. Customer Loyalty and Retention:

Why does customer loyalty matter? It’s simple—happy customers stick around. Investing in CX breeds loyalty, reducing the churn rate and the need for constant customer acquisition. As satisfied customers remain loyal, the cost of acquiring new ones diminishes, leading to sustainable growth and an enhanced ROI over time.

2. Repeat Business and Upselling Opportunities

How does CX drive repeat business? When customers have positive experiences, they’re more inclined to return for more. Moreover, a satisfied customer is like fertile ground for upselling. By delighting customers with exceptional experiences, businesses create opportunities to cross-sell or upsell additional products or services, further bolstering revenue streams.

3. Positive Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Why is word-of-mouth marketing so potent? It’s built on trust. Delighted customers don’t just keep their positive experiences to themselves; they share them with others. This organic promotion by satisfied customers is invaluable, attracting new business at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and increasing ROI in the process.

4. Reduced Customer Service Costs

How does CX impact customer service costs? Simply put, fewer complaints mean fewer resources expended on resolving them. By prioritising CX and consistently delivering excellent experiences, businesses can mitigate issues before they arise, leading to lower customer service costs and a healthier bottom line.

5. Differentiation in a Competitive Market

What sets businesses apart in a crowded market? Exceptional customer service. In fiercely competitive industries, CX becomes a crucial differentiator. Businesses carve out a niche by consistently exceeding customer expectations and attracting discerning customers who value superior experiences, increasing market share and profitability.

6. Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Why is the customer lifetime value (CLV) crucial? It’s a long game. CX isn’t just about one-off transactions; it’s about fostering enduring relationships. By providing consistently positive experiences, businesses cultivate loyal customers with higher CLV. These customers become the backbone of sustained profitability, driving up overall ROI.

Conclusion: Increasing ROI with CX

Investing in CX isn’t merely discretionary—it’s an investment with tangible returns. By prioritising customer experience, businesses enhance satisfaction and directly impact operations, increasing profitability and ROI. If you aim to future-proof your business, doubling down on CX is critical. At insight6, we believe in the transformative power of exceptional customer experiences. Ready to elevate your business? Contact us today for a no-obligation chat and unlock your CX strategy’s full potential.

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Student wellbeing: insight6 launches digital guide.

Student wellbeing

FE News interviewed insight6 Founder and CEO Jonathan Winchester on the pressing issue of student wellbeing in higher education. The article delves into the complexities of mental health challenges and the launch of our digital guide to improve the student experience and support retention. Explore the full interview and insights here >>>

Prioritising the student experience is paramount for colleges and universities seeking to foster a culture of learning and success. Yet, understanding students’ sentiments throughout their educational journey can pose challenges. Our comprehensive Digital Guide, “The Student Experience,” offers practical advice and tips to help institutions attract and retain top candidates while delivering positive experiences.

– Jonathan Winchester, insight6 Founder and CEO

Student wellbeing: cause for concern

By prioritising the student experience, institutions can attract and retain a diverse student population, bolster academic success, and improve long-term financial prospects. Yet, the education sector faces considerable challenges in addressing student wellbeing.

Data from NHS Digital paints a troubling picture: 1 in 4 young people aged 17 to 19 now likely have a mental health disorder. Additionally, a recent study found that 63% of students face overwhelming anxiety, with 41% experiencing depression to the point of impaired functioning.

Student wellbeing issues

Our guide is titled “Empowering Student Wellbeing and Retention,” It equips educational institutions with essential insights and tools to foster a positive and supportive environment for students throughout their academic journey, from enrolment to graduation.

At insight6, we specialise in empowering educational institutions to deliver impactful student experiences and drive institutional growth. With bespoke feedback tools, trained researchers, and tailored solutions, we’ve earned a reputation as the partner of choice for forward-thinking educational institutions. Let us help you shape your institution’s and its students’ brighter future. Download your copy of our digital guide here >>>

Tech Trends Shaping CX

Person holding a phone experience VR in CX.

Welcome to our exploration of tech trends shaping CX or the customer experience in 2024! In an innovative world, we explore how customer interactions are changing. Join us as we navigate the fusion of technology and tradition, redefining standout customer experiences in this tech-savvy age.

Table of contents:

How are tech trends shaping CX?

The customer experience (CX) is undergoing a profound transformation. The integration of generative AI in marketing technology, as highlighted on, is a game-changer. Evolving technology enables businesses to achieve unprecedented personalisation, tailoring interactions to individual preferences and behaviours.

Our look at CX Trends 2024 emphasises the importance of staying ahead and examines predictions for creating exceptional customer experiences in the future. Let’s explore CX’s top tech trends to understand how companies adapt to the digital era’s demands.

What are the top tech trends shaping CX?

#1 Hyper-personalisation

Hyper-personalisation with AI and data analytics will be critical in shaping the customer experience (CX). From individualised marketing to custom product recommendations, businesses not embracing this trend will fall behind. Discover how hyper-personalisation will take centre stage in delivering memorable experiences here.

🛍️ Example: The LEGO Store personalised mosaic maker experience represents the pinnacle of hyper-personalisation, turning every visit into an exclusive adventure. You can witness the captivating journey through Bricklover Brad's YouTube video.

#2 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes beyond routine enquiries, predicting needs for proactive real-time assistance. We expect to see more advanced use of chatbots, voice assistants, and predictive analytics as a tech trend shaping customer experience (CX). Learn more about how the integration of AI is set to enhance CX here.

🤖 Example: The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is a prime example of of using innovative AI. As well as its digital voice assistant Alexa, Amazon uses predictive analytics to recommend and ship items to customers before they even consider making a purchase.

#3 Augmented and Virtual Reality

Computer World anticipates a significant year for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) in 2024, with an influx of new devices entering the market poised to boost these technologies. However, widespread adoption may still face some delays.

From virtual product try-ons to immersive shopping experiences, AR and VR are tech trends shaping customer experience at a new level. It will be integral to delivering the next-level interactions that consumers demand. Read more on this trend here.

📱 Example: Apple aims to revolutionise the consumer electronics landscape with the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro, featuring an unparalleled AR/VR interface that redefines connection, creation, and exploration.

How can I leverage CX methods to support these emerging tech trends?

Customer Journey Mapping

Navigating the intricacies of customer experience must begin with Customer Journey Mapping. Critically, it unlocks invaluable insights into online and offline touchpoints that shape the overall customer experience. However, while many businesses believe they provide a stellar customer experience, only a few of their customers feel the same.

  • Online and Offline Journey Touchpoints

In the digital age, the customer journey extends across various online and offline touchpoints, each playing a pivotal role in shaping perceptions. Identifying these touchpoints is crucial for understanding customer interactions and enhancing their journey.

  • Importance of Identifying Critical Moments

Positive touchpoints build trust and enhance the overall journey, while negative touchpoints can lead to frustration and potential customer churn. Skillful management of these touchpoints is crucial for crafting a cohesive and memorable customer journey.

Mystery Shopping

Customer Experience Reviews, or Mystery Shopping, transcend sectors, proving indispensable for businesses in professional services, automotive, retail, leisure, hospitality, and beyond.

  • Identifying Opportunities

Mystery Shopping is a strategic tool for identifying untapped opportunities within your industry. Our tailored approach reveals specific touchpoints in the customer journey where improvements can enhance customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • Benchmarking Excellence

In an ever-evolving world, benchmarking is critical to staying ahead. Mystery Shopping allows businesses to benchmark their customer experiences against industry standards, fostering continuous improvement and competitive advantage.

  • Compliance with Regulations

A robust CX strategy is essential in handling the complexities of evolving regulations. Mystery Shopping, primarily through video assessments backed by detailed reports, emerges as a vital tool for measuring, monitoring, and ensuring compliance.

We support forward-thinking automotive dealerships like Arnold Clark, Listers, and Lookers embracing mystery shopping to meet Consumer Duty regulatory demands.

🔍 In the past 12 months, we executed 23,760 Mystery Shops for 541 UK brands, providing constructive feedback to 78,520 team members. 

Instant Online Feedback

The more feedback you receive, the more empowered you become in steering your business towards success. Our instant insight solution goes beyond self-service alternatives, allowing you to analyse feedback from customers and team members at a profound level.

  1. Deep Analysis for Informed Decisions

Our instant insight solution empowers you to delve deeper into feedback, gaining valuable insights to enhance the customer experience and boost profitability—Analyse feedback on various criteria over time and benchmark against competitors within your sector.

  1. Guidance from Local CX Specialist

Backed by the support of a local insight6 CX Specialist, our solution ensures you are asking the right questions at the right time. Significantly, we can help interpret the results and offer guidance on managing behaviours and implementing necessary changes within your team.

  1. Boosting Positive Reviews

Instant online feedback refines your operations and serves as a catalyst for generating positive customer reviews. We streamline the process, publishing these reviews directly to your platform of choice, enhancing your online reputation.

We invite you to get in touch for a no-obligation chat or to request a demo of our online feedback tool’ instant insight’.

Witness how instant insight can revolutionise your approach to customer feedback.

Conclusion: Tech Trends Shaping CX in 2024

Our exploration of CX trends in 2024 reveals a transformative landscape where technology and tradition converge to redefine customer experiences. From hyper-personalisation and AI integration to the immersive potential of AR/VR, businesses must embrace these trends to stay competitive. As the landscape evolves, we invite you to explore how our solutions can shape the future of your CX strategies. Reach out for a no-obligation chat or request a demo of ‘instant insight,’ experiencing firsthand the power of insights turned into actions.

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insight6 Surrey Acquired by Paul Matthews

insight6 Surrey

Customer experience specialist Paul Matthews is expanding his insight6 franchise by purchasing a neighbouring territory, Surrey.

Battle-based, Paul has been building insight6 in Sussex since 2015, turning it into a thriving
customer experience (CX) consultancy. Working with 70 local businesses, including high-
profile clients across the leisure, hospitality, retail and professional service industries, Paul
has increased turnover by 550%.

insight6 provides businesses with first-hand insights into the customer’s experience utilising
its world-class research tool instantinsight, mystery shopping programmes and customer
journey analysis.

“I am thrilled to be taking the next step in growing my business. Investing in a new region was a big step against the backdrop of uncertain economic times, however, the need for businesses to fully understand their customers has never been higher, and enquiries have already increased during the first month of 2024.”

– Paul Matthews, insight6 Sussex and Surrey

Paul bought his first insight6 franchise after experiencing the benefits as a client whilst
working in the leisure industry. Regarding his professional background and new franchise territory, Paul said:

insight6 Surrey: Paul Matthews

“I spent 19 years working in the leisure sector managing high-end health clubs, and monitoring and improving customer experience was always a key part of my roles. CX was always a top priority in my previous role, and I invested a lot in measuring and improving CX. Having been an insight6 client for many years, when the opportunity to buy the Sussex arm of the business arose, it was the ideal opportunity for me to go out on my own and help other businesses.”

Surrey is an established and profitable region for insight6. The previous owner, Jim
will retire after building up the business over the last 15 years. He said:

“Having joined the company in 2009, then known as ‘Shopper Anonymous’, I’ve built up a fantastic client base and become a trusted business partner over the years. Helping a business improve and achieve its goals is rewarding, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Paul is a fantastic CX Specialist, and I know businesses across Surrey will be excited to work with him as I head off into retirement.”

Paul added: “I look forward to building new relationships across Surrey and forging strong partnerships that drive success for all involved.”

If your business needs to understand its customers better or improve the experience, you
can contact Paul Matthews directly at or 07710 394729.

CX Trends 2024: Top 6 Customer Experience Predictions

CX Trends 2024 - Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences

Step into the future of Customer Experience (CX) Trends 2024! Businesses face a pivotal challenge: to elevate their customer experience strategies. Staying ahead requires proactive preparation. Join us as we explore six upcoming CX trends that are reshaping the landscape of how businesses interact with their customers.

Table of contents:

Top 6 CX Trends for 2024

#1 Hyper-personalisation becomes standard 

In 2024, hyper-personalisation will take centre stage. Companies are diving deep into customisation by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics to offer highly tailored experiences. From personalised product recommendations to individualised marketing strategies, those who don’t will risk trailing behind those who have a better understanding of their brand through the customer’s eyes. To stay on top, employing customer journey mapping will be critical, allowing you to easily identify opportunities that enable you to provide exceptional customer experiences where it matters most. 

#2: AI integration as CX Trend in 2024

We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be further utilised by businesses to seamlessly integrate into customer experiences. We expect to see more advanced use of chatbots, voice assistants, and predictive analytics. This means that AI won’t merely handle routine inquiries but will be able to predict customer needs, providing proactive assistance in real-time – without putting any extra burden on existing resources. We can see this most keenly in one of insight6’s long-time partners, Moneypenny, who’ve perfected the art of giving businesses large or small brilliant people superpowered by technology, to capture every opportunity and deliver outstanding service on your behalf.

#3: Ethical CX and privacy concerns 

With increased data collection and personalisation, ethical customer experience practices and data privacy will be put firmly in the spotlight. Companies will need to transparently communicate how they use customer data, ensuring processes align with evolving privacy regulations. Recent insights from the Institute of Customer Service’s recent Satisfaction Report show that more than half of the organisations in the UKCSI have received lower customer satisfaction than they did a year ago. Highlighting the growing importance of prioritising ethical practices when it comes to ensuring a satisfactory customer experience.  

#4: Virtual and Augmented Reality Transformations 

Forbes predicts that AR and VR will enhance customer experiences in 2024. They’ll also boost business visibility in competitive markets, leading to higher loyalty, engagement, and profits.

VR and AR technologies will find broader applications in enriching customer experiences in 2024, especially in e-commerce and remote services. From virtual product try-ons to immersive shopping experiences – and AR-powered customer support – these experiences will become integral to delivering the next-level interactions that consumers demand. Interactive product catalogues enabled by AR technology allow customers to see products within their environments, enabling them to understand more about size and fit. VR on the other hand places users in an entirely digital environment that completely shuts out the real world, revolutionising the way businesses engage with and interact with customers.

#5: Sustainability-driven experiences

Customer consciousness about sustainability is on the rise – and rightly so. In 2024, companies will need to match this energy and prioritise eco-friendly practices across products, services, and operations, making environmental responsibility a core element of the customer experience. According to Deloitte, a quarter of consumers are prepared to pay more for sustainability. This includes paying more for sustainable products and packaging and choosing for products from suppliers that respect human rights or commit to ethical working practices. This trend reflects a growing awareness and commitment to meeting customers’ expectations for sustainable and responsible business practices across the board. 

#6: Real-time feedback & instant resolution

The advancement of real-time feedback tools empowers customers to share instant reviews and suggestions. In response, companies must prioritise swift issue resolution, employing automated systems to address concerns promptly. Through insight6’s total feedback solution, instant insight, you gain actionable insights from both customers and employees. You can analyse real-time feedback, benchmark against competitors, and improve your offerings. By consistently measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, businesses can foster ongoing improvement, adapting to evolving demands and driving sustained growth. 

Using instant insight will:  

✓ Help you gain customer feedback.   

✓ Allow you to gain employee feedback.   

✓ Analyse/report on real-time feedback.   

✓ Obtain actionable comments.   

✓ Improve your products and services.  

✓ Benchmark against your competitors.   

✓ Increase positive online reviews. 

Discover the power of feedback with instant insight our total feedback solution.

Summary: CX Trends 2024

As we look ahead, these customer experience trends will redefine industry standards. Plus, they present lucrative opportunities to create memorable and meaningful interactions. Stay ahead of the curve, embrace innovation, and make 2024 a year of unparalleled customer experiences. Get in touch with insight6 today for a no-obligation chat. Or, reach out to request a demo and see how instant insight can transform your business.  

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WOW Moments in Customer Experiences

WOW moments - how to create them.

Creating ‘WOW’ moments will take your customer experience (CX) to the next level. In the fast-paced business world, exceptional customer experiences are not just a luxury – they’re essential. But what exactly are ‘WOW’ moments in customer experiences, and why should companies care about them? Here, we delve into ‘WOW’ moments and explore how you can elevate your customer interactions to leave a lasting impact.

Table of contents:

What defines a WOW moment in customer experience?

A ‘WOW’ moment is that extraordinary interaction that makes customers stop, smile, and remember. It’s when your service or product delivers above and beyond their expectations, creating a positive, memorable experience. Can you think about the moments you received exceptional service or encountered a product that exceeded your expectations? Those are ‘WOW’ moments. Let’s look at some examples:

Example #1 - Imagine walking into a local coffee shop, and the barista not only remembers your name but also knows your favourite coffee order. That personal touch is a 'WOW' moment that can turn a casual coffee drinker into a loyal, repeat customer. 
Example #2 - At an automotive dealership, a 'WOW' moment might involve a salesperson going the extra mile to explain the features of a car, arranging a customised test drive experience, or offering a complimentary first service. Such personalised attention can foster customer loyalty and referrals.
Example #3 - In the case of a law firm, a 'WOW' moment could be delivering a quicker resolution to a client's legal issue than expected or providing them with a comprehensive, plain-language guide to the legal process. Exceptional communication, empathy, and transparency can set the stage for lasting client relationships in the legal field.
In the e-commerce world, Amazon's one-click purchase option is a prime example of a 'WOW' moment. It streamlines the buying process to such an extent that customers often don't think twice before making a purchase.

Why are WOW moments important?

Simply put, these moments are more than just fleeting instances of happiness – they have tangible benefits for your business. ‘WOW’ moments can turn first-time customers into loyal advocates, boost your brand’s reputation, and drive revenue growth. Indeed, research has shown that customers who experience ‘WOW’ moments are more likely to recommend your business and return for more.

Positive experiences play a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Moreover, an astounding 90% of customers who are highly satisfied with a brand say they are highly likely to return to that brand to make more purchases (source: SMG research into CX metrics).

Furthermore, experiences have a direct impact on revenue. Brands that prioritise offering exceptional experiences to their customers witness a positive impact on their bottom line, with 84% of companies reporting increased revenue after improving their customer experiences. Additionally, customers are willing to pay a premium for these exceptional experiences, often contributing to an increase in revenue by upwards of 18% says PWC.

These statistics emphasise the concrete advantages of creating ‘WOW’ moments and underscore the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

How can I identify opportunities to ‘WOW’?

Creating ‘WOW’ moments requires a proactive approach. Start by mapping your customer journey and analysing feedback from your clients. Identifying touchpoints and pain points can lead to opportunities for ‘WOW’ moments. Additionally, engaging and empowering your employees can help them deliver exceptional service consistently.

What strategies can I use to create WOW moments?

To create ‘WOW’ moments that leave a lasting impact, businesses should consider several strategies to prioritise customer satisfaction and exceptional experiences. Likewise, it’s essential to know how your customers or clients feel about your company, the products or services you provide, and the experience they receive if you’re looking to build loyalty and drive profitability. Let’s dive into some strategies to create ‘WOW’ moments.

1. Customer Experience Reviews (CX Reviews):

Often referred to as Mystery Shopping, CX Reviews are one of the best ways to test a company’s service through the eyes of its customers or clients. While Mystery Shopping is commonly associated with those in the retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors, it’s a valuable exercise for firms in any industry keen on enhancing their customer experiences. It enables you to see your business through your customers’ perspective and uncover areas for improvement.

2. Identifying Key Touch Points:

Every customer journey has critical touch points that significantly impact their experience. For example, poor customer service at a crucial touch point can easily throw away sales opportunities. In our market study – The Professional Services Client Journey Report – we discovered numerous areas where accountancy, financial service, property, and legal firms are losing potential revenue due to subpar customer experiences.

3. Effective Customer Experience Strategy:

Implementing a successful customer experience strategy is crucial. Managing and implementing feedback is a significant part of the process. Therefore, employing the right Customer Experience partner is imperative. The process must be carefully considered, ensuring that goals are set from the outset, and reviews and feedback are managed by a skilled team.

4. The Role of Technology:

Technology solutions can streamline processes, making the customer experience more seamless and convenient. Indeed, implementing an online feedback tool to regularly and consistently ask and act on feedback offers many benefits to your business. It makes the feedback process easier and more accessible to customers, increasing their willingness to participate and provide valuable insights.

These strategies are the foundation for building exceptional customer experiences and creating ‘WOW’ moments. They help you uncover areas for improvement and enhance the overall quality of service and products your business provides. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and these strategies offer the tools and insights needed to manage and enhance your customer experience.

How can I transform the customer experience?

Transforming the customer experience isn’t a journey to embark on alone. Consequently, it requires expertise, strategy, and tools to turn insights into actionable improvements. To explore how you can make this transformation and learn more about the solutions available, visit our About insight6 page for comprehensive information on how we can assist you in enhancing your customer experiences.

How we can help you create WOW moments to transform your business

At insight6, we understand that feedback is data, not judgment. We are deeply committed to helping businesses create ‘WOW’ moments for their customers. Furthermore, our services are designed to provide you with the insights, strategies, and technology you need to unlock the full potential of your customer interactions.

From Customer Experience Reviews (CX Reviews) to advanced feedback programs, our local experts in the UK are ready to work with you to transform your business. Moreover, we believe that to build loyalty and drive profitability, it’s not enough to conduct one-off reviews.

Regular, consistent feedback and action are critical. Our online feedback tool makes it easy for your customers to share their insights, allowing you to gather in-depth information about how they feel about your services, products, and company.

WOW moments with insight6: Exploring what we do with our icx6 model.
– Our unique process for transforming your business with insight6

By partnering with insight6, you gain access to a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a deep commitment to elevating the customer experience. We’re here to help you implement effective strategies and make data-driven decisions that lead to increased customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Now that you understand ‘WOW’ moments and their importance, we invite you to get in touch for a no-obligation chat or to request a demo of our online feedback tool ‘instant insight’. Transform your customer experience with insight6 and see the results for yourself!

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Customer Loyalty vs. Satisfaction: What’s the Difference?

Customer loyalty - a customer giving feedback.

Welcome to the world of relationships, where two key players take the stage: loyalty and satisfaction. Often used interchangeably, these terms pack distinct punches. Think of loyalty as the rock-solid bond you build and satisfaction as the smile you put on your customers’ faces. Building customer loyalty is critical to business success. Why? So you can drive revenue, cost efficiencies, brand advocacy, and long-term growth. Here, we uncover the differences between the two, enabling you to make the most of their impact on your business. 

What is the difference between loyalty and satisfaction? 

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are crucial for businesses to do well. They contribute to the customer experience, adding different things to how customers feel. Satisfaction is about making customers happy with every interaction. Loyalty is more profound – it’s about the strong connection between customers and a brand. Customers stick with one brand because they trust and like how they feel about it: positive experiences, trust, and emotional engagement fuel loyalty. Satisfaction is more about feeling good right after an interaction.  

While a satisfied customer may be content in the moment, a loyal customer becomes a brand ambassador, repeatedly recommending and returning to the company. Therefore, understanding and enhancing loyalty and satisfaction are essential for businesses to forge strong relationships, drive revenue, and ensure sustained growth. 

Why is customer loyalty important for business success? 

Customer loyalty lies at the core of business success but is often overshadowed by the lure of gaining new customers. Yet, embracing customer retention is pivotal for growth, with statistics indicating that acquiring new customers can cost as much as five times more than satisfying and retaining current ones. 

Retention is the art of nurturing meaningful connections with existing clients that repeatedly keep them engaged – and loyal. More than an accessory, it’s a pivotal driver of business success. By nurturing loyal customers or clients, you solidify your bottom line and unleash many positive outcomes, from word-of-mouth advocacy to candid feedback that can be turned into actionable insights. 

How do you measure customer loyalty?

In pursuing business success, understanding and measuring loyalty is paramount. Customer feedback is a vital source of insights into these experiences, expectations, and pain points. Research shows that a staggering 84% of customer’s expectations are unmet, and 6% say they would cease doing business after just one bad experience. By actively addressing feedback, companies can establish trust and strengthen relationships, increasing loyalty, revenue, and differentiation from competitors.  

Businesses should leverage various touchpoints along the customer journey to effectively measure customer loyalty, employing tools like surveys, feedback forms, and experience reviews (Mystery Shopping). The insights gathered improve products and services and position businesses to stand out, ensuring long-term growth and success.  

When should I survey or gather feedback to measure customer loyalty?

To build customer loyalty, the timing of gathering feedback is critical. The ideal times to get essential insights are at key customer touchpoints. After buying something, getting support, or finishing a service, these moments give a chance to understand how customers feel. By smoothly asking for feedback during these times, businesses show they care about understanding and enhancing customer experiences immediately. 

Where can I get insights to measure and improve customer loyalty?

You can gather insights to measure and improve customer loyalty by focusing on critical touchpoints throughout their interactions with your business.  

At insight6, we partner with our clients to create and deliver customer experience (CX) strategies tailored to their needs. Whether it’s understanding your customer’s journey to improve the experience and operational efficiencies or training, mentoring and coaching teams to implement change and skill development, we can help you. We are one of the UK’s leading customer experience specialists and the only one to offer end-to-end solutions backed up by a team of local experts. 

Using our total feedback solution instant insight, you can seamlessly gain actionable insights from customers and employees. Our bespoke tool is cost-effective and quick to implement, allowing you to analyse real-time feedback, benchmark against competitors, and improve your offerings. You can drive continuous improvement and achieve business growth by consistently measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Using instant insight will:  

  • Help you gain customer feedback.  
  • Allow you to acquire employee feedback.  
  • Analyse/report on real-time feedback.  
  • Obtain actionable comments.  
  • Improve your products and services. 
  • Benchmark against your competitors.  
  • Increase positive online reviews. 


instant insight is your total feedback solution – book your demo today!

At insight6, we’re all about helping businesses build strong customer loyalty for real and lasting growth. Partner with us to understand and boost your customer experience (CX) – a game-changer for your business success. Don’t ignore unhappy customers’ impact on your profits! Let’s chat or book a demo of instant insight to see how quick insights can transform your business!