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Enhancing customer experience through strategic management

At insight6, our responsibility is to measure, transform and enhance the customer experience (CX) of your business. Our team are CX experts within the field of general and strategic management who design and formulate bespoke customer experience solutions to place your business at the forefront of your industry. Our responsibility is to ensure your business is performing at its highest potential to provide the best CX for your clients.

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Our CX and Business Consultants in Scotland

We have two expert consultants working in Scotland. Harriet Forster covers Edinburgh and Stuart Shepherd covers Glasgow and both are trained in working with small to large businesses, to help improve overall customer experience.

Having a regional consultant who knows your local area is a huge advantage to your business. Our consultants mainly work with companies local to their location, so they can offer a more bespoke, localised service compared to our national competitors.

Each consultant is highly experienced in working with businesses to improve their business strategies. They are also fully skilled in all aspects of CX, so they can offer a unique insight into your customer's experience with your business.

If you would like a free consultation with Harriet or Stuart, then click click through to their bio page to read more.

Our top services:

Customer experience reviews

Our unique CX Reviews (mystery shopping) provide businesses with a first-hand insight into the customer experience. Through our CX reviews, we are able to analyse the experience your customers have across all areas of your brand. As we personally train our researchers, we deliver the most detailed reviews in Scotland.

How it works

Our CX consultants will prepare a bespoke strategy that combines your business aims and decisions with real customer experiences. This way, the feedback we receive is accurate and helps us identify core areas to improve. Our team of 1,000+ researchers are individually trained to the highest standards to ensure the data and feedback received allows us to constantly improve our service. For example, we will look at contact points (email, phone, face-to-face, social media and online communication). This can be performed online or offline depending on your business model, with the overall goal to identify any problems or issues that may lead to negative customer experience. More information on our customer experience reviews can be found on our customer experience.

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Training and development

Our unique CX (customer experience) Reviews provide businesses with a first-hand insight into the customer experience. Through our CX reviews, we are able to analyse the experience your customers have across all areas of your brand

How it works

Our customer experience consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the sectors. They will be on-hand to provide bespoke training for groups of all sizes. Each training module is designed to meet your business objectives and hit all the pain points. Feedback is an essential takeaway from the sessions and we will share the comments and thoughts of your team with you to gain a better understanding of how your team feels. While our session's primary goal is to provide exceptional training sessions for your business, these sessions are also designed to be fun, motivational and informative. For more information, please visit our training and development page.

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Customer journey mapping

By mapping your customers’ journey, you will be able to truly understand what your customers think, feel and when the react to your services. This process reveals highly accurate information that helps tailor and improve customer experience services going forward.

How it works

From the moment the customer communicates with your brand, to the moment they finalise a transaction, we provide an insightfully mapping service that your team can analyse to understand your customers’ journey. We work with you to streamline your service and ensure the customer is able to seamlessly navigate and enjoy their journey. This will also make your service faster and more efficient, allowing customers to convert faster and score a higher CX rating during and after the experience. For more information, please visit our training and development page.

Some of our Scottish clients:

Other services include:

Online feedback

Through our online feedback tool, we are able to identify and understand your existing customers’ thoughts and opinions regarding your brand during their experience with your team. Our bespoke Instant Insight System also allows you to analyse your customer’s experience during their journey.

How it works

We use an online real-time survey to analyse and identify issues that your customers are experiencing within your business, during an experience. By conducting these surveys on a regular basis, we are able to track your progress, make changes to your processes and then show you the improvements. The surveys link back to departments and team members to ensure constructive coaching can be delivered to improve performance. For more information, please visit our online feedback page.

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Focus and listening groups

There’s no better way to get a true and honest understanding of how customers feel about our business than with listening and focus groups. Our customer experience consultants facilitate a group of customers through a pre-planned and well thought out process offering the feedback you need to improve customer satisfaction.

How it works

We arrange focus groups, where we run a facilitated session with your real or potential customers which allow for comprehensive and reliable feedback on your business to help shape and improve ideas going forwards. Once the results of the groups have been compiled, we work with you to enact the feedback to create changes that will enhance your business. For more information, please visit our focus and listening groups page.

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Mentoring and coaching

Changing your team's behaviour is crucial to the success of improving customer experience. Through our coaching and mentoring schemes, we are able to educate key team members, enhancing their skills and developing their behavior to improve the customer experience.

How it works

Our customer experience consultants have a wealth of experience in training and mentoring individuals and teams to help enhance and improve the customer experience side of their business. having coached at a number of industry-leading businesses, we are fully equipped to guide you and members of your team to set ambitious and achievable goals, to help you transform your business.  For more information, please visit our mentoring and coaching page.

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Here is an example of a customer journey:

  1. Miles is contacted by his internet provider who are offering a new, faster internet experience at a cheaper monthly deal (charged at £30pm).

  2. Miles accepts and the contract begins next month

  3. Miles receives the first bill and it’s actually more than his previous bill and on top of that, his internet is slower and frequently disconnects.

  4. He goes to visit the internet provider’s website but cannot find any useful information on the ‘Help’ section. Miles has been let down by the user experience here (more on this later).

  5. After failing to find any useful information about his bill online, Miles enters the store for more information. A member of staff searches for his details and finds no record of this transaction and informs him that he must contact support over the phone.

  6. Miles, understandably frustrated, contacts phone support.

This entire situation could have been avoided if the phone and in-store staff had been able to talk to each other to resolve the problem then and there. Additionally, the information on the new internet charges were clearly not defined properly, leaving Miles believing he has been mis-sold information. This could stop Miles from using this service again in the future.

In short:

Both consultants focus on creating customer journey maps to get a better understanding of their journey through your product or service. Both go hand-in-hand to make the customers’ journey and experience simple and enjoyable, both of which make for a more efficient business model.

Our Mystery Shopper Service in Glasgow/Edinburgh and across Scotland

We also offer select candidates the chance to carry out research on behalf of Insight 6. With benefits such as bespoke training programmes, diverse clients across a range of sectors and feedback to help improve your reporting, you will become an integral part of our research team.

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